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The time has come: COPRA Subscription 2016 is now live and ready to go! Make sure you guarantee a spot in your mailbox for the world’s best action comic!

The FIVE issues included in this subscription are the next 3 COPRA issues (#s 26, 27, and 28) as well as the FIRST TWO issues of the brand new mini: COPRA VERSUS! The mini series consists of standalone stories focusing on the vast array of COPRA villains and are also tangential to the main title’s current arc. Perfect for new readers, dedicated collectors, and lovers of psychedelic action comic bloodshed.

Guthie 26

Inspired by Sammy Harkham’s Good Cartoonists Gone, I’ve amassed a few pages from a handful of interesting mainstream cartoonists with short bibliographies and who haven’t worked on comics in quite some time.
Doug Rice – Last seen in Wild Kingdom #2, (1993)
 Dynamo Joe 1 & 3, John Ostrander story, John Nyberg/Brian Thomas inks, Willie Schubert letters, Rick Taylor colors, 1986
 Manhunter 14, Kim Yale/John Ostrander story, Pablo Marcos inks, Albert De Guzman letters, Julianna Ferriter colors, 1989
• • • • • • • • •
Neil Hanson – Last seen in Conan the Savage #8 (1996)
Hanson 1

Hanson 2
Punisher Annual 3, Mike Baron story, Rick Parker letters, Pat Redding colors, 1990

Hanson 3

Punisher 44, Mike Baron story, Jade Moede/Ken Lopez letters, Linda Lessmann colors, 1991
• • • • • • • • •
Tim Gula – Last seen in Judge Dredd #15, (1995)
Justice League International Annual 3, Kieth Griffen plot/breakdowns, J. M. DeMatteis script, Tim Harkins letters, Gene D’Angelo colors, 1989
Adventures of Superman 459, Dan Jurgens words/pencils, George Perez plot, Albert De Guzman letters, Glenn Whitmore colors, 1989
• • • • • • • • •
Pensa 1
The Butcher 1, Mike Baron story, Steve Hayine letters, Julia Lacquement colors, 1990
Pensa 2
The Brave & the Bold 2, Mike Baron & Mike Grell story, Steve Hayine letters, Julia Lacquement colors, 1991
Pensa 3
 The Question Quarterly 5, Denny O’Neil story, Willie Schubert letters, Eric Kachelhofer, 1992
• • • • • • • • •
Tom Tenney – Last seen in Youngblood Strikefile #9 (1994) [A comeback is brewing.]
 Tenney 1
Tenney 2
Tenney 3
 Force Works 1 & 2, Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning story, Rey Garcia inks, Jack Morelli letters, Joe Rosas colors, 1994

COPRA is now digitally available via comiXology!

For the occasion, I’ve amassed an exhaustive guide of the very first issue’s coverage and availability. Read on and you’ll find store listings, interviews & reviews, and ordering information just in case there was anyone left who is on the fence about COPRA. There’s no way to miss out on this one, so check it out and get hooked.




The image above is the wraparound cover for the anniversary issue, Copra #25, which has its own variant cover. Limited to 35 signed and numbered copies, these “naked” (logo-less) editions were assigned to family and friends. Each copy came with a certificate of authenticity.

Copra 25 Variant certificate

Copra’s print run is already pretty limited, making them collector’s items by nature (that’s more for practical reasons and less by design). I’ve always tried to make cool extras & incentives for subscribers, such as sketches and hand pressed prints. This time I wanted to make something ultra rare, but I also didn’t want to make it so different from the main issue that it would’ve been frustrating for readers to not have. You never know when one of these variants will pop up, though; keep your eyes peeled!

Copra 25 cover sketch 2

Here’s the preliminary sketch for the double cover (with some costume designs on the side). You can see more process type stuff over at the Copra Press Club.

One more thing: the season of Best Of 2015 lists is over, but let’s not forget how COPRA ranked!


The Beat

Tech Times

Comics Alliance: Continued Excellence in Serial Comics Runner Up

Comics Alliance: Outstanding Cartoonist Nomination

Andrés Rothschild

80 Page Giants

Comic Books Are Burning In Hell



COPRA 25 cover DEC

COPRA #25, the Double Size Anniversary Issue, is finally here! 

This marks three years of Copra-making, that’s a big deal to me. Three years of trying to get these issues out month by month (albeit with a couple of breaks between 6-issue arcs this past year) — that’s a lot of face time at the board. For someone who is hyper-critical of his own work, it’s odd for me to be happy with the total results of such an endeavor (definitely in a more abstract sense; I cannot look at old pages, no way). I wouldn’t dedicate my life to this if it didn’t fulfill me this much, so it’s definitely a labor of love. Issue 25 isn’t just another comic, it’s a celebration of the mania that keeps it all going.


About the comic itself, it’s a flashback issue, a glimpse into the mission that turned it all around for our crew. It features some old favorites, Vitas and Man-head in particular, as well as some newer faces. It’s a perfect jumping on point, actually, even if you’ve never read Copra, since you can read Copra #1 pretty much right after this issue.

Copra #25 Preview





In addition to the 32 page feature, I had a host of cartoonists contribute to this issue, starting off with Tim Hamilton


… followed by pin-ups from Chuck Forsman, Kat Roberts, Jeffrey BrownSloane LeongPaul Maybury, and Matthew Allison


… and capped off with a short story by Benjamin Marra!

Marra 25


The Abominable Comic Blog

I can’t help but be really excited for 2016. I have tons of Copra plans brewing — twists & turns in the ongoing series, a spin-off mini-series, going digital, and more!

Don’t forget COPRA #25! Make sure to check it out, get a copy for yourself and one for that friend of yours whose been wanting the best modern superhero comic in the world.

That friend wants Copra.

–Michel Fiffe




Tell your stores: Copra Round Three is available! Order Code: NOV151123

OR you can buy it now directly from Bergen Street Press themselves!

OR you can get a copy from me at this upcoming CAB. I’ll be downstairs at TABLE D30 with limited quantities.


COPRA #24 is here! Dissension in the ranks, loose ends are tied up, twists & turns are introduced,  and more than a little hands-on conflict:z this issue has it all! There’s no better way to celebrate the 24th issue of the world’s greatest action comic!


Dieter VDO closes out his serialized portion of the comic with a terrifying, beautifully painted conclusion. Receiving his back covers for these last six issues has been one of the run’s highlights.

24 VDO

I started this whole thing – this COPRA thing – with 12 issues in mind. Right here, with this chapter, that number has doubled; handing in issue 24 to the printer was equal parts exciting and exhausting. That’s a big deal to me! I, who once had trouble finishing 24 panels, have expanded the world of COPRA page by page.

RAW SCRIPTShoot, some would say a solo venture like this is not all that common.

24 ZOE

Thanks to all the readers and subscribers and fans who came to see me at all the shows. I will never tire of letting you know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm.

24 Xenia

Big thanks to all the stores that carry Copra, too! And to the biggest store of them all, Bergen Street Comicssoon to close their doors while continuing to be a comics publisher. They were there from the beginning of my self-publishing venture, friendly and forward thinking. I was flattered to have them in my corner, and I’m proud that they still are.

24 Blood March

Extra big thanks to Kat Roberts, who weathered the storm of my production mania with style and care while working on her own massive project.

posit FIFFE white

Oh, wait — COPRA is now in spanish! This has been a dream of mine so I’m quite excited to announce that Inefable Tebeos has released a translated compendium of the first 3 Copra issues as Copra: Compendio Uno.

Inefables Tebeos A


Cabezas Cortadas

Zona Negativa

La Noche Americana

El Lector Bicefalo

There is no better excuse to practice my spanish reading.


But enough dilly-dallying. I gotta go get ready for this weekend’s SPX (I’ll be at Table K1). Thanks again for the good times. And if you haven’t already: COPRA #24. Jump on board now.
24 brush



“Guilty Pleasure” is a Daredevil story I wrote, drew, and colored for Secret Wars: Secret Love #1 and it’s here!

It’s out right this very second at your local comics store (or digitally.) Look for this cover by David Nakayama!


Daredevil & Karen Page created by Stan Lee & Bill Everett.

Typhoid Mary created by Ann Nocenti & John Romita Jr.

Mephisto created by Stan Lee & John Buscema (redesigned by JRJR).

Punisher created by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru John Romita Sr.


Daredevil was the first Marvel comic I collected with regularity, feverishly hunting for back issues and anxiously awaiting next month’s episode. I’ve drawn Daredevil several times since, sometimes even for try-out pages.


Typhoid Mary’s another story. She’s only graced my drawing board a couple of times.

Typhoid & Co.

Rogues’ gallery sketch, 2010: Wild Boys, Typhoid Mary, Bushwacker, Bullet, Ammo.

DD.Bergen.2Daredevil #1 sketch variant for Bergen Street Comics, 2011.

Regardless, I was ready to make my very own  love letter to the series that briefly had a stoic DD running around in bandages.

DDesk shot

Which speaks to my story’s backdrop: INFERNO aka that time when demons took over Manhattan and Matt Murdock was caught up in its insanity while dealing with his own drama (issues 262, 263 & 265 are hands down the best. Cap it off with 266). Nocenti wrote funny, insightful and exciting stories here, and JRJR matched her intensity with a visual flair that has remained strong since the days of its publication. This is classic stuff, electrifying material that has clearly stayed with me.


Of course I was going to tap into this brief but potent corner of Hell’s Kitchen. Getting to work on these characters has been a thrill of a lifetime (as some could probably tell when I started shooting my mouth off) so go out and get this here issue. Plenty of other cool stories in there, too — Secret Wars: Secret Love #1!

DD cast


“Michel Fiffe is finally unleashed on the Marvel Universe.” – Comicosity

“An absorbing and clever narrative of persistent, romantic angst.” – PopMatters

“Fiffe brings his kinetic vibe that he’s perfected.” – Graphic Policy

“Reminds us how fun comics can be.” – Pop Culture Uncovered

“Overwhelming and intoxicating.” – Wait, What?

“Fiffe never loses his own voice, filling the pages with his own idiosyncratic manner.” – Nothing But Comics

“Daredevil has a little more character than he’s usually drawn with.” – Women Write About Comics

“Captures the insanity of the demonically-possessed New York City.” – Deadshirt

“Tightly told story, most remarkable for Fiffe’s art.” – Comic Book Resources / Robot 6

 “The art for this story is vivid and loose… it fits the narrative perfectly.” – Comixology

“Fiffe’s artwork evokes a ‘70s-style noir comic, providing a great background for a Daredevil story.” – Newsarama

“This one in particular stood out.” – Smash Pages

“A delight to read.” – Bleeding Cool

“An excellent exploration of the relationship between Matt Murdock & Karen Page.” – Sound On Sight



The Comics Journal

Bleeding Cool

Nothing But Comics


13th Dimension


The Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast Ep. 5

Big Planet Comics Ep. 151

This Week In Marvel Ep. 199

Multiversity Comics – Robots From Tomorrow Ep. 219


DD layouts C.NEWW

DD pencil pg 4 FIFFE


DD Color pg 4


C O P R A #23

Copra 23  Cover

COPRA 23 is now available – 24 full color pages of nothing but loving devotion to an intimate super powered massacre.



WIR 23

Here’s a reminder of how awesome Dieter Van Der Ougstraete is. I continue to be blown away by his contribution to COPRA. All bow to VDO!


But yes… CopraCOPRA. Issue 23 has crawled out of the thing we call July and it has made it all the way here. Best not to sleep on it: get COPRA 23!

Gracie Speed



Awesome article/interview on COPRA over at Paste! Thank you, Matthew Meylikhov.

There’s also a 2 part interview conducted over Heroes Con by Kyle Pinion for the Beat. Part ONE and Part TWO.

Speaking of Heroes Con, thanks to Andy Wolverton for stopping by and chatting me up on behalf of the Comics Alternative podcast.

Coming soon: my panel with Klaus Janson (!) conducted by Greg Matiasevich.