COPRA Master Collection HC & Issue 43

COPRA Issue No. 43 is now available (new shirts, too)!

This issue features two distinct life-altering showdowns, the rumblings of a revolution, and an introduction of a new team of characters. It might even have a tender moment or two.
NEWS! The COPRA Master Collection: a Deluxe Oversized Hardcover will hit shelves November 16th. This beast collects our first 12 issues and is up for Pre-Order now.

Diamond Code: JUL220098

Tell your comic shops & bookstores, tell your friends & families, spread the word and let us all celebrate a decade of revenge comics.

Don’t forget COPRA Issue No. 43 — twenty-four pages of full-color, lovingly handcrafted super-powered mayhem. You could set your watch to it.

Art & Illustration

COPRA Subscriptions & Commissions 2022


Lock your COPRA subscription in now!

COPRA is kicking off the year with a new subscription that guarantees you the next four issues (#s 42, 43, 44, and 45 ) before they go out of print. This sub is perfect for both you and your friends, new readers and dedicated collectors, revenge enthusiasts and lovers of psychedelic bloodshed as we launch a new mega arc that paves the road to the big finale in issue 50.

Single copies of 42 are also available for a limited time!

Starting this February, every 24 page full-color limited edition issue of COPRA will be signed and shipped w/ bag & board. Printed on accent opaque stock with coated covers, no ads, no fluff, these limited edition comics were made to last.

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My 2022 Commissions List is open! I’m taking art requests over on my Patreon page for a finite amount of time, so make sure you sign up for your favorite character to be drawn by yours truly.


COPRA International

COPRA has been translated in several countries, generally following the “Rounds” format of 6 issues per volume.

The following is a rundown of these international collections.


Released by Panini: Primo, Secondo, Terzo, Quarto, Quinto.


Fumetto Logica
Industrie Nerd

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Released by Pipoca & Nanquim: Um, Dois.



· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Released by Delirium: Volume 1 & 2.


Comic Stories
UniversComics: Le Mag’
Comics Discovery
Bubble BD
Comix Trip
Bruce Lit

Comic Stories
Univers Comics
Comics Blog
Bubble BD


Comic Stories

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Released by Inefable Tebeos: Compendio Uno (collecting #s 1-3).

Cabezas Cortadas
Zona Negativa
La Noche Americana
El Lector Bicefalo

COPRA Round Six

COPRA ROUND SIX finally hits the shelves Dec. 22nd, 2021! Ask your Local Comic Shop to Pre-Order it.

Order Code: OCT210072

The highly anticipated collection includes a total of ten issues: the six issues released by Image (aka #s 32 – 37) plus the self-published Ochizon Saga issues (aka #s 38 – 41). It’s 272 full color pages of what fandom agrees is “the world’s greatest superhero revenge machine.”

Art & Illustration

COPRA · Conclusion of The Ochizon Saga

Our multi-part arc, The Ochizon Saga, comes to a close in the latest couple of COPRA issues, 40 & 41. They’re available through our usual channels (Etsy & your Local Comics Shop). Tons of previews & process posts can be found in my Patreon page, too.



“Nurture Apparatus”

I know what you’re wondering: Who survived and who didn’t make the cut? Did Copra unify or splinter off? How does one square bittersweet reminiscence while marching lockstep towards a future unknown? All these answers and more within the conclusion to the Ochizon Saga.



“Boss Rush”

COPRA has been warped, degraded, and left to die in the city that used to be Minceville. Now, what if the enemy is not only a family of cosmic butchers, but your own teammates out to get you? Just lash out in every direction and see what happens. Simple!

Comics I Make

Superman Red & Blue

I wrote, drew, and colored a short story in the DC Comics anthology Superman Red & Blue #3, released May 18th, 2021.

Alongside the Man of Steel, “Kilg%re City” features Hawkgirl, Cyborg, and Booster Gold, plus a few extra cameos.


DC in the 80s

Super Process
Birthday Gift
Patreon Posts
Mood Board
Superman Homepage


“Fiffe has such a way about what he does that it is almost indescribable. It is a fun story.” – Forces of Geek

“Snappy, humorous dialogue, action-filled artwork.” – Let’s Go! Podcast

“Work[s] well as genuine life advice.” – The Aspiring Kryptonian

“An action story [with] heart to it.” – Pop Culture Maven

“Reveals that a small change… could enable him to help a lot more people.” – Screen Rant

“Relatively minor characters and past stories are highlighted in Fiffe’s stunning style to reveal how all-encompassing Superman’s narrative can be.” –

“This one is a bit of a dust-em-up… My favorite story.” – Comic Box Commentary


Copra Press Returns



“Minceville, USA”

The world is not what it seems anymore – carnage and chaos, tension and treachery, a landscape literally warped beyond comprehension. Is this the paradise that the super elite channeled from beyond? COPRA is the only thing standing between angry gods and the nightmare fuel they want to douse us in.



“Loyalty in the Face of Vast Disrespect”

Larger than life forces toying with the fate of the little people with reckless abandon – sounds familiar! Will COPRA’s big plan pay off in victory OR will it send our team spiraling into further doom? One thing is for sure: our crew will look fabulous either way.

Copra Press is back with COPRA #s 38 & 39! I’ve returned to self-publishing the single COPRA issues (and to the legacy numbering, picking up right where our last release left off) while Image Comics continues to publish the collections & digital.

Those two new issues quickly sold out, but don’t let that stop you from going to my online store for possible extra copies and trades. Also, check out the COPRA FAQ for a list of Local Comic Shops that carry new issues COPRA just in case.

Is Michel Fiffe’s COPRA Leaving Image Comics?

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Art & Illustration


Panorama release date: 6·16·20 – bookstores / 6·17·20 – comic shops
(original release date: 5·27·20)

Panorama is 128 pages of body-horror romance published by Dark Horse Comics. Collected here for the first time, this 18+ black & white graphic novel is now available:



Daily Dead

Publisher’s Weekly
Hollywood Matrimony
Strangers #2
Bruce Lit (France)

Spotlight on Panorama in Dark Horse’s in-house column “Horsepower” 

PANORAMA French Edition published by Delirium

Nominated for the 2022 Angoulême Awards

Regard Critique
Comix Trip
Bruce Lit
Comic Stories
The Best of Comics



COPRA #6 release date: June 3, 2020
(original release date: April 1, 2020)

Order Code: FEB200172



“The Ochizon Saga” is upon us — the showdown that has been forever hanging over our crew is finally here. Included in this double-length issue, the world of COPRA expands with the bonus, out-of-print rarity “Negativeland,” presented here in full.

Major Spoilers

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COPRA #6 was printed, but with the distributor shutting its doors down (and all Local Comic Stores closing/readjusting their business procedures due to the Covid-19 Pandemic) its fate remained up in the air for a couple of months. Same went for the May release of my Dark Horse graphic novel Panorama. I’ll continue to update this page with any news regarding the availability of these projects and how this seismic shift will affect the comics industry itself. Stay safe, everybody.


"COPRA" Comics I Make


COPRA #5 release date: February 5, 2020

Order Code: DEC190160


This prelude to “THE OCHIZON SAGA” pits our crew against a destructive quartet of villain-husks who help usher in a cruel dynasty of cosmic proportions. How do you even fight that with a fist, a gun, or malfunctioning armor? End times aren’t nigh, they’re here; COPRA is swimming in them.

Cover Process

Comics the Gathering
Semi Sequential