COPRA #1 hits shelves OCT. 2nd! Super stoked to get back to COPRA. I made this first Image issue a 36 page, full-color bonanza that picks up moments after the last issue left off… and it’s still a great introductory story for brand new readers.

Speaking of the original series, those collections have been made available again Image Comics, so tell your friends, your loved ones, your stores to stock up on the trades and the new issue!

Color Preview: https://bit.ly/2Yj1pUt
Order it here: https://bit.ly/2Y2Cw46
Order Code: AUG190053 

Official Image Comics Press Release

11 O’Clock Comics, Episode 622
Savage Fincast, Episode 84
Dynamic Forces
Emerald City Comics

OCT. 2 · Forbidden Planet NYC w/Special Guests, 6-8pm
OCT 3-6 · NYCC, Artist Alley, Table H-23
OCT 9 · Third Eye Comics, Annapolis, MD
OCT 26 · Ssalefish Comics, Greensboro, NC

COPRA #1 promo trailer from Image Comics

Here’s the black & white version of the first four preview pages, a rare chance to see COPRA at this pre-color stage. Click to enlarge, especially for that Double Page Spread. BLAM!

COPRA #1 · OCT. 2nd!


COPRA #1 · Coming Soon


Print either one of these up, fill them out, and give it to your local comic book shop so they can order any of the COPRA books you’ve missed. If anything,. tell them to look in the Image Comics section of the ordering catalogue!

They’re also available on Amazon, Target, and digitally via comiXology.



Copra Press is proud to announce that Image Comics will be releasing the first 5 COPRA collections. They will all be available May 1st, so let your local comic shop know that they’re all easily available via Diamond Distributors. Tell your friends, spread the word!

Initial reports came from Newsarama and The Comics Beat.

Official Image Comics Press Release.

… and right back atcha’, Tucker.


New comics from Copra Press! Check out all the details in their respective pages:

GIANT-SIZE COPRA VERSUS• 600 copies of a numbered bumper edition for last year’s Copra subscribers.


NEGATIVELAND • 300 copies of a signed & numbered mini-comic for Patreon supporters.

Although the print versions are exclusive, the stories can still be read by all:

Copra Versus #3: ASESINOS • “Tabula Raza”

Copra Versus #4: AGES OF OCHIZON • “The Long Conduct”

Copra Versus #5: VITAS CREW • “Dot Management”



First issue of G.I. JOE: Sierra Muerte is available for pre-order! Give your local comic shops these codes:

Variant Cover (Yellow) • DEC180756
Regular Cover (Orange) • DEC180755


Steve Ditko would’ve been 91 today.

There are a number of great articles on Steve Ditko that I’ve been meaning to archive in some useful way. What better time than now.

· The Avenging Page (In Excelsis Ditko) by Joe McCulloch (My personal favorite essay on Ditko by one of comics’ best writers.)

· Steve Ditko Doesn’t Stop by Joe McCulloch (Excellent overview of Ditko’s later career in small publishing.)

· Steve Ditko’s Cartooning: Abstraction/Word vs. Picture/Motion by Ken Parille (An examination of some of Ditko’s unique and oft-overlooked artistic traits.)

· Comic Art As Fine Art from The Great American Novel (Thorough “compare/contrast” between Ditko’s Fantastic Four and John Byrne’s.)

Showcases On Specific Works 
The Creeper
Ghostly Tales

Recently, I was asked a few questions in regards to Steve Ditko over at ComicBook.com and The Double Page Spread Podcast.

Anyone who knows me even in passing knows the impact Steve Ditko made in my life. It’s been four months since he died, and it’s still an odd thing to process.

I hope Steve Ditko was content in the end. He certainly worked hard for it.



G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte is coming! I’ll be writing, drawing, lettering, and coloring the entire 3-issue mini-series, coming out from IDW early 2019. The project was officially announced over at Nerdist, with a follow-up over at Newsarama.

G.I. JOE Goes to SIERRA MUERTE in a New Comic from Michel Fiffe (Exclusive Preview)

Hot on the heels of Bloodstrike: Brutalists and right on the eve of the upcoming Copra Versus wrap-up, I had to make time to put my stamp on this cast.

I’ll be at NYCC 2018! I’m not tabling at Artist Alley, but I’ll be there all weekend:

· THU, Oct. 4, IMAGE SIGNING, Booth #1444, 1PM w/Bloodstrike:Brutalists TPB advance copies

· FRI, Oct. 5, IDW SIGNING, Booth #1844, 1:00 PM, signing & sketching exclusive G.I. Joe prints

· SAT, Oct. 6, IDW PANEL/Q&A, IDW: The Big Scoop, 2:45 PM, Room 1A02

· SUN, Oct. 7, IDW SIGNING, Booth #1844, Noon, signing & sketching exclusive G.I. Joe prints

Also, I’ll be posting more artwork & behind-the-scene COPRA and G.I. Joe-related exclusives over at my Patreon. Hope to see you at NYCC!


I’ll be at HeroesCon 2018 this June 15-17Table AA-1102, front and center at Indie Island.

I even designed this year’s official badges, COPRA-style!

I will also be doing TWO PANELS Saturday & Sunday!

You read that right. I’ll be having a career spanning conversation with the mighty Keith Giffen!

This is the big one! Bring your checklists, your sketchbooks, and some comfortable shoes. I’ll be jabbing, sketching, and showcasing rare original comic pages. Bust your map out and look for the COPRA sign — I’ll see you there!


OVERWORD is a series of six essays that chart my fascination with certain comic books and their creators. It’s comics criticism and commentary, as I thoroughly get into the history and context of the subjects. They originally appeared over the span of several months on my Patreon page, where I have written several other posts about my own process and what further inspires me. OVERWORD was a massive undertaking for me and now that I’m on the other side of it, I’m happy I did it. My hopes are that these post are found useful, informative, and, at the very least, entertaining.

1 · TEEN TITANS Part One – My need for colorful, clean-cut super heroics and my habit to hunt back issues in bulk met at the intersection of Wolfman & Pérez. They were the best choice.

2 · TEEN TITANS Part Two – My enthusiasm for the TT franchise was destroyed by troubling story elements but was resuscitated by the excellent Titans Hunt storyline. My devotion never fully recovered.

3 · JSA/ALL-STAR SQUADRON – A Roy Thomas appreciation. Character archaeology as expression, especially to pin a moment in time. This led me to “map reading” info-dumps.

4 · JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA – A Mike Sekowsky & Dick Dillin appreciation. Two underrated workhorses who defined the adventures of the world’s leading superhero group for decades.

5 · QUASAR & SQUADRON SUPREME – I applied new lessons to my immersion into a couple of Mark Gruenwald masterpieces. A positive reappraisal of a cult classic and an unjustly dismissed passion project.

6 · MARK GRUENWALD – Singing the praises of a legendary storyteller by getting to the root of my own obsession.