Bloodstrike: Brutalists is now in the Previews catalogue!

The first 2 issues have a JUNE release – the 3rd issue drops in July – so tell your Local Comics Shops to order tons of copies!

Issue #0 (Part One) ORDER CODE: APR180490
Issue #23 (Part Two) ORDER CODE: APR180494

Issue #24 (Part Three) ORDER CODE: MAY 180105

While you’re at the store, ask for your copy of COPRA Round 5, out April 4th! ORDER CODE: FEB181164

You can also order it directly from Bergen Street Press.

Don’t forget about ZEGAS, now available directly from Fantagraphics!

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Smash Pages: Michel Fiffe on Zegas (Q&A)

"ZEGAS" Art & Illustration

Miami Book Fair & Original Art

I’ll be at the Miami Book Fair this weekend, including a panel / signing on Sunday, November 19th, 1 p.m. in the MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor).

Also, check out the original art auction for the Spider-Man double tribute I drew!

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Bloodstrike : Brutalists · Image Comics · 2018

Negativeland · Patreon-exclusive series

Zegas · Fantagraphics, Nov. 2017


Comic Arts Brooklyn, Table A12, Saturday, Nov. 11th

JHU Comic Books, NYC location signing w/ Chuck Forsman, Nov. 15th

Miami Book Fair, Panel & Signing, Sunday Nov. 19th


Smash Pages: Michel Fiffe on Zegas (Q&A)

Graphic PolicyCopra – If Suicide Squad was an Art Comic (Podcast)

FW Presents: Mountain Comics EP. 7 (Roger Stern appreciation)


Limited Edition COPRA Tote Bag by Bergen Street Press

COPRA Round Five Coming Soon

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The ZEGAS collection, published by Fantagraphics, debuts at SPX this weekend, Sept 16 & 17.

I’ll be signing advance copies at the Fantagraphics table (W56-61) Sat 4 PM & Sun 3 PM.

SPX banner art by Sloane Leong.

ZEGAS will be officially available in stores late November.

Your Local Comic Shop can order it from the Diamond/Previews catalogue, New order code: SEP171622

I’ll mostly be tabling also be at the Bergen Street Press table (W79) with Chuck Forsman & Melissa Mendes all weekend!

Additionally, Copra #31 is officially available, ORDER HERE!


ZEGAS Collection by Fantagraphics

The collected Zegas, published by Fantagraphics, will be released this Fall and is now available for Pre-Order!

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ZEGAS Returns!

ZEGAS is back in print and available again! This is the title that started my self-publishing operation, Copra Press, and set the path for subsequent projects (Deathzone! & Copra). I’m still very proud of these comics and I couldn’t let them remain out of print much longer.


If you’ve never read ZEGAS before, here’s your chance to catch up on all three issues: the ZEGAS PACK. If you’ve managed to get an issue here or an issue there, you can also pick and choose which one you need individually: Issues ONE, TWO, or ZERO!



The print run is still super limited, so get them now while they last!


EXTRA: My contribution to Zainab Akhtar’s Comics Shelfie is up, over at her Comics & Cola blog.

Fiffe Shelfie 0. Main




Zegas #0 is now available! This is the latest edition of short stories featuring the Zegas siblings, Emily & Boston, and by latest I mean that although the Zero Issue contains previously released work via webcomics: “Birthday”, “Cactus” and a couple more extra bits — most of it is presented in print for the very first time.

This early material initially lived online as a temporary solution while I figured out how to get it on to sheets of paper, and how to maybe involve a staple or two. I’m traditional that way, plus I had to feed my love for a page turn. It’s how I designed the stories to be seen, actually, and since they’re no longer available digitally, they can exclusively be read here.


Just like the first two issues, Zegas #0 is a full color magazine-size comic book, 24 pages, signed by yours truly and numbered, limited to 400 copies.

Zegas #0 will be making its official debut at this year’s MoCCA festival in NYC on April 6th & 7th (we’ll be at Table F178but you can place an order now to make sure you get your copy!

For me, it was pretty cool to check in on these characters, albeit more of a revisit. Their stories still rang true, and it got me excited for newer ones. If you’ve read these stories long ago on your monitor, I hope you’ll feel the same. If these are completely new to you, I hope you like ’em, too!



Best of 2012

So the new year has finally come and upon reflection, 2012 wasn’t so bad after all! I’ve been a [micro?] publisher for over a year now and have launched a new title: COPRA. Here’s a brief look back on the recent nods.

Tucker Stone included my comics – CopraZegas & Deathzone! – in his sharp, personal Best Of list for The Comics Journal. Tucker has been more than instrumental in getting me through those first few Copra issues by saving me from comic book cabin fever. Big thanks to Matt Seneca and Abhay Khosla, too.

Comics Alliance braved a massive look back in 5 parts, and Copra made the cut in Part 4 a.k.a. The Hellboy Memorial Awards. Major thanks to Dylan Todd, Chris Sims, Caleb Goellner, and Joseph Hughes for their continued support.

Comic Book Resources had a multi part list of their own, and my comics snuck in there thanks to Timothy Callahan and Sonia Harris. Timothy also  gave us his own Ten Best in his CBR column When Worlds Collide.

I T E M S !

Alec Berry, in his new position at CBR, gave Copra a nice critical write up, which echoed his overview in his podcast, The Chemical Box, co-hosted by Joey Aulisio (Chemical Box contributor Shawn Starr also reviewed Copra).

Jim Rugg and Ian Harker, their respective shout outs were much appreciated. I also spoke to Seth Jacob a little and Terrence Stasse Moreau broke it down, which is really a gross understatement considering all the thought and work behind his posts.

T H A N K S !

To all the new readers who hopped on board this last year! Oh, and Annie Koyama, Zack Soto, Adrian Johnson and Chuck Forsman have been nothing but super cool from the get go.

The biggest thanks go to Kat Roberts, who acts as the Copra Press house editor by proxy and a one-woman army of patience and inspiration.

Last but not least, Bryan Galatis and Erik Mallo have lent their talents to making those fun short video clips every time a new issue comes out. Here’s the latest.

And just for good measure, here’s the trailer for the previous issue, which didn’t grace – no pun intended – this blog all month.

I’m deeply touched and inspired to keep on doing my Copra thing thanks to all your awesome feedback. All you readers have been really great and I’m very excited to keep making comic books for you to read. Here’s to 2013.



Best American Comics 2012 notable: ZEGAS #1

Zegas #1 was listed as a notable in the Best American Comics 2012! The book series is edited by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden with a rotating slot for guest editor every year. This time around, Françoise Mouly did the honors. I’m in fine company, and it’s quite the honor.