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C O P R A #30 + Summer Conventions

It had to happen. THIRTY ISSUES. It’s not every day a comic hits that number. Enter: COPRA versus COPRA in this milestone 30th issue! The classic team rumbles with Team X and things go down in Miami the only way they can: sleazy, chaotic, brutal. Why are you reading this instead of buying it?!

But hey, you’re here already. Let me tell you about some conventions I’ll be attending in June.

CAKE in Chicago, IL · June 10-11


HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC · June 16-18

Additionally, Mark Peters gave COPRA a great write-up over at Salon. It’s a streamlined, reader-friendly summation, so pass it along to any friend or enemy who hasn’t yet jumped on board.

Additionally Part Two: CBR’s Chris Neill evaluates COPRA through the lens of Watchmen while briefly breaking down the history of comic book analogues.

Back to COPRA 30. Get it in print. Get it digitally. Either way, get it. Here’s a preview.


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Interview Time


Paste’s very own Sequential Heart Podcast interviewed me recently about all things COPRA with some back issue bin diving chatter thrown in.


Over at the Fire & Water Podcast Network, I overviewed one of my favorite single comic books and defended nobody’s favorite crossover event, Millennium. Get dirty with me on the Justice League International: Bwah-Ha-Ha Podcast.


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COPRAVERSE : Stickers, Subs, and Criticism


Heavy duty COPRA Vinyl Stickers are here! You can get them both in one shot, or individually, and they feature all-new artwork for our wide cast of heroes/villains. I also drew and handcrafted the top label, so get them while supplies last.


As for comics, COPRA Round 4 is available and ready to be held by us. Bergen Street Press can make sure that happens, and so can your Local Comic Shop; tell them R4 is in Previews ( Diamond Code: SEP161366 ) and they’ll come through.


Oh, hey, I should mention that Paste listed COPRA as one of their 25 Best Comics of 2016 as did the Beat and ComicBook.Com. Also, the A.V. Club Readers’ Poll repped COPRA as one of the best comic series in 2016. The season of lists has officially begun. [UPDATE: Comicverse weighed in on the Best Indie Comics 2016.]

Some interesting discussions have been popping up about this here comic. I already linked to Abhay Khosla’s massive overview (which is strangely unavailable but has been rescued by Abhay himself for posterity) — but in response to one of his followers, Abhay went off again. I appreciate that Copra gets looked over in several ways, most times pretty intensely, as onlookers always approach it very differently. I relate to overanalyzing things that perhaps weren’t built to be held under tight scrutiny, so all this activity is deeply appreciated.


Ron Edwards, over at Comics Madness, feels the same way. All the topics brought up are important to me, so I’m happy that the discussion is being cultivated. Ron wrote a piece on Mark Gruenwald which at a glance, I basically disagree with, but I look forward to forming a rebuttal when I get the chance. Like I said, I’m into these discussions.


There’s also a Copra write up by Kim O’Connor in the inaugural issue of Critical Chips, edited by Zainab Akhtar (who ran a feature on her Comics & Cola blog called Comics Shelfie in which I contributed to long ago). Anyway, I’ve yet to read the piece in question (copy’s in the mail), but I like Kim’s writing so I’m very much looking forward to it. [UPDATE: Got my copy, read it, loved it. Now available digitally.]


Last but not least, the COPRA Subscription 2017 is now live!


This includes COPRA #s 29, 30, and 31 / COPRA VERSUS #s 3, 4, and 5. Issues will start rolling out in the new year. Don’t miss out!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, stay safe and have a happy holiday.

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C O P R A #27

Copra 27

COPRA 27 is here and ready and available. GET IT.


Below you will find a 3 page preview with an assortment of related panels.




Wait, there’s more… listed Copra Versus #1 in 10 of the Best New(ish) Comics of 2016 So Far also interviewed me, though I consider it more of a convention weekend ramble.




Erebus 2

Oh, hey, look — these folks have some recommendations for you and your friends!

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Les Inrocks (France): Copra, the Comic Book That Reinvents the Anti-Hero Team


There’s something about this issue’s tone that I found oddly appealing as I was working on it. Don’t think I’m too proud of myself or anything weird like that. Maybe it’s that this issue works as a self-contained story but still propels the larger arc forward. Maybe it’s the specific color palette I used or the new cast of characters. I can’t put my my finger on it exactly but I do know I can’t wait for you to read it. Here, meet the new crew:

Name: LELO
Eyes: aqua


Height: 5’3


Hair: black


CCCCC     OOOOO     PPPPP     RRRRR     AAAAA     22222     77777

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COPRA #1 Archive & comiXology

COPRA is now digitally available via comiXology!

For the occasion, I’ve amassed an exhaustive guide of the very first issue’s coverage and availability. Read on and you’ll find store listings, interviews & reviews, and ordering information just in case there was anyone left who is on the fence about COPRA. There’s no way to miss out on this one, so check it out and get hooked.

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C O P R A #24

COPRA #24 is here! Dissension in the ranks, loose ends are tied up, twists & turns are introduced,  and more than a little hands-on conflict:z this issue has it all! There’s no better way to celebrate the 24th issue of the world’s greatest action comic!


Dieter VDO closes out his serialized portion of the comic with a terrifying, beautifully painted conclusion. Receiving his back covers for these last six issues has been one of the run’s highlights.

24 VDO

I started this whole thing – this COPRA thing – with 12 issues in mind. Right here, with this chapter, that number has doubled; handing in issue 24 to the printer was equal parts exciting and exhausting. That’s a big deal to me! I, who once had trouble finishing 24 panels, have expanded the world of COPRA page by page.

RAW SCRIPTShoot, some would say a solo venture like this is not all that common.

24 ZOE

Thanks to all the readers and subscribers and fans who came to see me at all the shows. I will never tire of letting you know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm.

24 Xenia

Big thanks to all the stores that carry Copra, too! And to the biggest store of them all, Bergen Street Comicssoon to close their doors while continuing to be a comics publisher. They were there from the beginning of my self-publishing venture, friendly and forward thinking. I was flattered to have them in my corner, and I’m proud that they still are.

24 Blood March

Extra big thanks to Kat Roberts, who weathered the storm of my production mania with style and care while working on her own massive project.

posit FIFFE white

Oh, wait — COPRA is now in spanish! This has been a dream of mine so I’m quite excited to announce that Inefable Tebeos has released a translated compendium of the first 3 Copra issues as Copra: Compendio Uno.

Inefables Tebeos A


Cabezas Cortadas

Zona Negativa

La Noche Americana

El Lector Bicefalo

There is no better excuse to practice my spanish reading.


But enough dilly-dallying. I gotta go get ready for this weekend’s SPX (I’ll be at Table K1). Thanks again for the good times. And if you haven’t already: COPRA #24. Jump on board now.
24 brush

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COPRA: Post Con / Pre Grind


Awesome article/interview on COPRA over at Paste! Thank you, Matthew Meylikhov.

There’s also a 2 part interview conducted over Heroes Con by Kyle Pinion for the Beat. Part ONE and Part TWO.

Speaking of Heroes Con, thanks to Andy Wolverton for stopping by and chatting me up on behalf of the Comics Alternative podcast.

Coming soon: my panel with Klaus Janson (!) conducted by Greg Matiasevich.

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COPRA TOUR 2015 plus Press & Interviews

COPRA TOUR 2015 Schedule


RIPExpo – March 28th & 29th (Providence, RI)

MoCCA – April 11 & 12 (NYC)

FLOATING WORLD Copra Round 2 Release Party/Exhibit – Thursday, April 16th (Portland, OR)

LINEWORK NW – April 19th, Sunday appearance only (Portland, OR)

THIRD EYE COMICS / FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – Saturday, May 2nd (Annapolis, MD)

TCAF – May 9 & 10 (Toronto, Canada)

HEROES CON – June 19th to 21st (Charlotte, NC)

SPX – September 19 & 20 (Bethesda, MD)

C O P R A — T O U R — R E P O R T 




New York Magazine – Copra through the lens of fanfic.

Sequart – massive Copra overview.

Eat Geek Play – sleek breakdown of the series.

Illustration Friday – nice showcase on various art pieces.

Topless Robot – Round Two review.

Comics Tavern – brief interview where I say stuff like:

The only thing I personally hope this Suicide Squad movie does is raise enough interest in the John Ostrander/Kim Yale series to the point where DC puts it back into print, hopefully benefiting Ostrander. That run deserves to be on the shelves, high amongst the classics and making everything else pale in comparison.”

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The Comics Journal Interview

I was interviewed at The Comics Journal.

Back Cover

The image above is the original art for the back cover puzzle piece that ran in the original first 12 issues (it’s officially part of the original art community).

Anyway, about the interview. I cover everything, but I put a special spotlight on this impressionable comic:


Can’t get enough of my jabbering? You’re in luck. I was part of this massive oral history regarding a cultural relic: the trading card. Check out The Secret Origins & Lasting Impact of the Marvel Universe Cards, if only to at least to read Arthur Adams’ words.