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COPRA TOUR 2015 plus Press & Interviews

COPRA TOUR 2015 Schedule


RIPExpo – March 28th & 29th (Providence, RI)

MoCCA – April 11 & 12 (NYC)

FLOATING WORLD Copra Round 2 Release Party/Exhibit – Thursday, April 16th (Portland, OR)

LINEWORK NW – April 19th, Sunday appearance only (Portland, OR)

THIRD EYE COMICS / FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – Saturday, May 2nd (Annapolis, MD)

TCAF – May 9 & 10 (Toronto, Canada)

HEROES CON – June 19th to 21st (Charlotte, NC)

SPX – September 19 & 20 (Bethesda, MD)

C O P R A — T O U R — R E P O R T 




New York Magazine – Copra through the lens of fanfic.

Sequart – massive Copra overview.

Eat Geek Play – sleek breakdown of the series.

Illustration Friday – nice showcase on various art pieces.

Topless Robot – Round Two review.

Comics Tavern – brief interview where I say stuff like:

The only thing I personally hope this Suicide Squad movie does is raise enough interest in the John Ostrander/Kim Yale series to the point where DC puts it back into print, hopefully benefiting Ostrander. That run deserves to be on the shelves, high amongst the classics and making everything else pale in comparison.”

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