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The Comics Journal Interview

I was interviewed at The Comics Journal.

Back Cover

The image above is the original art for the back cover puzzle piece that ran in the original first 12 issues (it’s officially part of the original art community).

Anyway, about the interview. I cover everything, but I put a special spotlight on this impressionable comic:


Can’t get enough of my jabbering? You’re in luck. I was part of this massive oral history regarding a cultural relic: the trading card. Check out The Secret Origins & Lasting Impact of the Marvel Universe Cards, if only to at least to read Arthur Adams’ words.


Discussion & Analysis

One Artist Anthology Comics

My latest love letter, made up of historical and critical kisses, is One Artist Anthology Comics over at The Comics Journal. I trace the trend from Crumb to Ditko, and focus on the strongest of the contenders such as Clowes, Ware, and the Hernandez Bros. I also examine the glut in the mid 90s, the fallout from a beat up industry, the [not as thin as I thought] herd of modern examples and why cartoonists can greatly benefit from such a specific publishing pattern. Check out why the one-man anthology is the format of choice around here.