Awesome article/interview on COPRA over at Paste! Thank you, Matthew Meylikhov.

There’s also a 2 part interview conducted over Heroes Con by Kyle Pinion for the Beat. Part ONE and Part TWO.

Speaking of Heroes Con, thanks to Andy Wolverton for stopping by and chatting me up on behalf of the Comics Alternative podcast.

Coming soon: my panel with Klaus Janson (!) conducted by Greg Matiasevich.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! A pleasure talking with you at HeroesCon.

  2. Hey Michael!

    I live in Spain and I reaaaally want to buy Copra, but looks like Bergen does not ship here. Besides Diamond, is there any way I can make these comics appear in my living room?

    Another question: How much increases the cost per issue shipping the singles here?

    English is not my first language, so sorry if all I have written above doesn’t make any sense. Keep the good work.

  3. Hello, Javier. Last I checked, Bergen Street Press ships all over the world. Make sure you ask them directly; their info should be listed here (Bergenstreet.sales@gmail.com)

    The shipping to Spain per issue is around $6 to $7 US, but the cost is combined the more issues you order. All the issues I have are listed here.

    I hope this helps… let me know if I can help in any other way. Thanks for dropping a line!