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COPRA Subscriptions & Commissions 2022


Lock your COPRA subscription in now!

COPRA is kicking off the year with a new subscription that guarantees you the next four issues (#s 42, 43, 44, and 45 ) before they go out of print. This sub is perfect for both you and your friends, new readers and dedicated collectors, revenge enthusiasts and lovers of psychedelic bloodshed as we launch a new mega arc that paves the road to the big finale in issue 50.

Single copies of 42 are also available for a limited time!

Starting this February, every 24 page full-color limited edition issue of COPRA will be signed and shipped w/ bag & board. Printed on accent opaque stock with coated covers, no ads, no fluff, these limited edition comics were made to last.

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My 2022 Commissions List is open! I’m taking art requests over on my Patreon page for a finite amount of time, so make sure you sign up for your favorite character to be drawn by yours truly.

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