COPRA Master Collection HC & Issue 43

COPRA Issue No. 43 is now available (new shirts, too)!

This issue features two distinct life-altering showdowns, the rumblings of a revolution, and an introduction of a new team of characters. It might even have a tender moment or two.
NEWS! The COPRA Master Collection: a Deluxe Oversized Hardcover will hit shelves November 16th. This beast collects our first 12 issues and is up for Pre-Order now.

Diamond Code: JUL220098

Tell your comic shops & bookstores, tell your friends & families, spread the word and let us all celebrate a decade of revenge comics.

Don’t forget COPRA Issue No. 43 — twenty-four pages of full-color, lovingly handcrafted super-powered mayhem. You could set your watch to it.

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