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OVERWORD is a series of six essays that chart my fascination with certain comic books and their creators. It’s comics criticism and commentary, as I thoroughly get into the history and context of the subjects. They originally appeared over the span of several months on my Patreon page, where I have written several other posts […]

OVERWORD 6 · Mark Gruenwald

I binged. (TEEN TITANS Part One) I purged. (TEEN TITANS Part Two) I found the value of “archaeological” writing. (JSA/ALL-STAR SQUADRON) I examined two unsung professionals. (JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA) I followed the trajectory of one man’s obsession. (QUASAR & SQUADRON SUPREME) That man is Mark Gruenwald. I started this string of essays in order […]

OVERWORD 5 · Quasar & the Squadron Supreme

OVERWORD RECAP 1 · TEEN TITANS Part One – My need for colorful, clean-cut super heroics and my obsessive habit to hunt back issues in bulk met at the intersection of Wolfman & Pérez. They were the best choice. 2 · TEEN TITANS Part Two – My enthusiasm for the TT franchise was destroyed by troubling story […]

OVERWORD 4 · Justice League of America

I bought some comics on “X-Mas Break 2017” and shared my wares the next day before digging into them. It was a small, mixed batch, but let’s focus on the Justice League of America #112. It’s a thick comic book from 1974, one hundred pages. These 100 pagers were more than dependable, they never disappointed. DC […]

OVERWORD 3 · All-Star Squadron

Let’s call it “X-mas Break 2017”. Just a few months ago, as of this writing, I spent a handful of days out of town and at the in-laws’ house. I always look forward to rummaging through their local used bookseller’s comic book bins, not really on the hunt for anything specific but armed with a […]

OVERWORD 2 · Titans Fix Part Two

Let me try to retrace the steps: I wanted colorful superhero comics. 70s, 80s Bronze Age stuff — clean art, lots of characters. I also wanted to continue feeding my hunger for back issues, a sub-hobby that I sometimes try to suppress due to both space restrictions and oversaturation. My sights naturally fell on the Teen Titans […]

OVERWORD 1 · Titans Fix Part One

It started when I revisited a crossover I hadn’t read in decades.     Something about the varied explosion of colors held together by the classic slickness of Jim Aparo and George Pérez art was very appealing. Seeing straight up superheroes fighting super villains seemed so pure and primal. It definitely tapped into the thing in my […]

Sometimes I Like Stuff


I’m sharing this archive in an effort to organize and contain all of the comic-book related information that I’ve accumulated over the years. From retail stores and curated checklists to a guide of my long-running Patreon posts, this covers a good amount of ground. Indulge my obsessions by clicking on the titles below: BIN DIVING […]

Back Issue Recommendations

This is a list of personal favorites, choice cuts in case you’re ever at a loss when facing the bins. Although my back issue preferences are in constant flux, these selections make up a solid foundation consisting of mostly 80s & 90s mainstream-leaning fare. If some 70s gem pops up, or some modern outlier creeps […]


Bloodstrike:Brutalists is a three-issue mini-series published by Image Comics. It’s my love letter Extreme to Rob Liefeld and his creations. The first issue was released June 2018 and a preview can be viewed at The Comics Journal. The collected edition is out October 24, 2018 via your Local Comic Shop or otherwise. The individual issues […]