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HeroesCon 2018

I’ll be at HeroesCon 2018 this June 15-17Table AA-1102, front and center at Indie Island.

I even designed this year’s official badges, COPRA-style!

I will also be doing TWO PANELS Saturday & Sunday!

You read that right. I’ll be having a career spanning conversation with the mighty Keith Giffen!

This is the big one! Bring your checklists, your sketchbooks, and some comfortable shoes. I’ll be jabbing, sketching, and showcasing rare original comic pages. Bust your map out and look for the COPRA sign — I’ll see you there!

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How did the panel with Keith Giffen go? Did you ask him about Bloodstrike? I know that’s just a footnote in his long career, but since you just did the Brutalists revival I would not be surprised if you had it in mind.

It went well! Maybe one day the panel’s recording will surface and you’ll get to hear all about editorial mischief, how DC offered Giffen his own “Image” line, and why he doesn’t keep his own comics or original artwork. Of course I brought up Bloodstrike; he vaguely remembered his work on it.

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