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COPRA Rounds Order Forms

Print either one of these up, fill them out, and give it to your local comic book shop so they can order any of the COPRA books you’ve missed. If anything,. tell them to look in the Image Comics section of the ordering catalogue!

They’re also available on Amazon, Target, and digitally via comiXology.

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Mr. Fiffe, I have been picking up your work over the last few months (and really enjoying it!) and this series of paperbacks looks like the way to get into COPRA, but I have a question. It states that Round 4 contains issues 19-24, and Round 5 contains 26-31. So is issue 25 collected anywhere? Thanks!

Issue 25 has never been collected, but it will be eventually. (Nothing definite yet, but probably in a TPB including the mini “Copra Versus” — TBA.) It’s a flashback standalone story so you won’t be missing a chapter in the up-to-date narrative. And hey, thank you for checking out COPRA.

Thanks so much for the info. I have read several comments you made that the individual issues of COPRA were really the way you intended the books to be read, so I wonder if you have ever thought about reprinting them, perhaps monthly through Image, since you are currently working with them? I am a long time comic reader who actually prefers the “floppy pamphlet” and am sorry I had never heard of your work before the recent Bloodstrike series, as I definitely would’ve picked it up if I could’ve. It just flew under my radar. Thanks again.

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