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COPRA 25 cover DEC

COPRA #25, the Double Size Anniversary Issue, is finally here! 

This marks three years of Copra-making, that is a big deal to me. Three years of trying to get these issues out month by month (albeit with a couple of breaks between 6-issue arcs this past year) — that’s a lot of face time at the board. For someone who is hyper-critical of his own work, it’s odd for me to be happy with the total results of such an endeavor (definitely in a more abstract sense; I cannot look at old pages, no way). I wouldn’t dedicate my life to this is it didn’t fulfill me this much, so it’s definitely a labor of love. Issue 25 isn’t just another comic, it’s a celebration of the mania that keeps it all going.


About the comic itself, it’s a flashback issue, a glimpse into the mission that turned it all around for the crew. It features some old favorites, Vitas and Man-head, as well as some newer faces. It’s a perfect jumping on point, actually, even if you’ve never read Copra, since you can read Copra #1 pretty much right after this issue.

Copra #25 Preview





In addition to the 32 page feature, I had a host of cartoonists contribute to this issue, starting off with Tim Hamilton


… followed by pin-ups from Chuck Forsman, Kat Roberts, Jeffrey BrownSloane LeongPaul Maybury, and Matthew Allison


… and capped off with a short story by Benjamin Marra!

Marra 25


The Abominable Comic Blog


The image above is the wraparound cover for the anniversary issue, Copra #25, which has its own variant cover. Limited to 35 signed and numbered copies, these “naked” (logo-less) editions were assigned to family and friends. Each copy came with a certificate of authenticity.

Copra 25 Variant certificate

Copra’s print run is already pretty limited, making them collector’s items by nature (that’s more for practical reasons and less by design). I’ve always tried to make cool extras & incentives for subscribers, such as sketches and hand pressed prints. This time I wanted to make something ultra rare, but I also didn’t want to make it so different from the main issue that it would’ve been frustrating for readers to not have. You never know when one of these variants will pop up, though; keep your eyes peeled!

Copra 25 cover sketch 2

Here’s the preliminary sketch for the double cover (with some costume designs on the side). You can see more process type stuff over at the Copra Press Club.

As for COPRA #25 itself, make sure to check it out, get a copy for yourself and one for that friend of yours who’s been wanting the best modern superhero comic in the world.


That friend wants Copra.

–Michel Fiffe

2 replies on “Copra #25”

I have begun to tell every living soul about your WONDERFUL comic book.
Thanks for being amazing. You have made a difficult time easier. My favorite character is Frank. I am also to believe that there are several comics NOT reprinted yet. Is this one of them? Also several specials??
I shop at Chicago Comics and love ALL your stuff! I even have your cool Stickers. I will gladly subscribe directly from you if that’s still possible.

Yup, this issue is the only one that hasn’t been reprinted in the “Round” collections. Same with the Copra Versus mini; both will most likely end up being in the same trade. Thanks for the kind words, btw… and hey, Chicago Comics rules!

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