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CREATING COPRA, Michel Fiffe’s Definitive DIY Guide to Making and Self-Publishing Comics is here!

This 64 page guide is a step-by-step tour of Studio Copra, a personal in-depth account that covers everything from filling up a blank page to managing a small business: writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring, packaging, distributing, selling, cultivating relationships, building a catalogue, and putting artistic muscles to the test.

Copra Press has steadily worked with printers and retailers for over a decade to reach a global audience, self-publishing COPRA merch, zines, and over fifty comic books.

This first time collection of updated HOW TO editorials from Fiffe’s Patreon is packed with full-color examples, a brand new massive chapter detailing his latest challenges and strategies, plus illustrations exclusive to this edition.

CREATING COPRA is an invaluable tool for the modern cartoonist. It marries the practical with the idealistic, dissecting the creative process while demystifying the hurdles that are part of comics-making in today’s world.

This project wouldn’t exist without the immense support from the Koyama Provides Grant. Annie Koyama has been a publisher, a patron, and an all-around positive force in the world of comics and beyond, making this grant a profound honor.


Sometimes I Like Stuff


I’m sharing this archive in an effort to organize and contain all of the comic-book related information that I’ve accumulated over the years. From retail stores and curated checklists to a guide of my long-running Patreon posts, this covers a good amount of ground. Indulge my obsessions by clicking on the titles below:

This is an index of places that have affordable back issue selections, primarily dollar bins or priced-to-move comics. Mostly comic book shops with the occasional antique store. Alphabetized by state < city < store name.

This is an ever-growing list of personal favorites, in case you ever need a good starting point for some back issue recommendations or you’re at a loss when facing a room full of longboxes.

Over on Patreon, I’ve routinely written about all sorts of stuff and it keeps adding up. Whether it be process posts about my comic series COPRA or examinations about cartoonists who inspire me, there’s a lot to dig into. First on the list is “Public Posts” — available to all — where you’ll immediately find a massive list of comic book-related podcasts. There’s tons more to explore from there:

Map to COPRA
Early Works
Pool of Inspiration
Bin Divers
Fever Pitch

Sneak Peeks
Process Posts
Negativeland comic

Random bits of miscellany & news


COPRA 45 · HeroesCon 2023

COPRA Issue 45 has arrived and is ready for you. This last chapter of our current saga is like no other. We are marching towards the final major arc in style & grace.

Twenty-four pages, thick in stock and rich in full-color. Secure your limited edition copy today… right now!

HeroesCon is almost here! Dust off your Want List and head on over to Indie Island / Table ii-1309 next week.

You’ll find me beside Chuck Forsman, arguing whether Batman should or shouldn’t have stubble. See you there!


COPRA · Round Seven

COPRA Round Seven is coming this June 14, 2023!
Clocking in at 304 pages, this collection includes the latest arc, long out-of-print rarities, and tons of extras.

Diamond Order Code: APR230148

I’ll have some limited advance copies at this year’s Heroes Con, so make sure to tell your friends, your family, and your stores to order heavy on this massive compilation of full-color hostility.



COPRA 44 · Patreon Art List 2023

COPRA Issue 44 is now available! This issue continues the new mega arc that paves the road to the big finale in issue 50.

Every 24 page full-color issue is sharply printed on sturdy stock, no ads, no fluff – these limited edition comics were made to last.
Get it here!

Also, my Patreon Commissions List is now open for 2023. Every year, during January only, your options to have me draw your favorite characters open up. Join us here, and check out the full archives of art posts, essays, retrospectives and tons more.



COPRA Master Collection Deluxe Hardcover

COPRA Master Collection · Deluxe Oversized Hardcover collects the first 12 issues of the main series + extras. Kicking off our 10th anniversary, this Image Comics release is now available at every comic shop and bookstore in the world.

Get it while supplies last! It’s perfect for diehard fans and new readers alike, so tell your Local Comic Stores to stock up heavy. Give them the sacred: Diamond Code: JUL220098

COPRA Master Collection, 320 full-color pages in a sharp hardcover from Image Comics. A year’s worth of revenge comics ready for your bookshelves.


COPRA 10th Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today, COPRA No. 1 went on sale. Sold around a dozen copies that afternoon, a few more in a local convention that weekend, and I had a handful of shops willing to stock the title. Been building ever since.

A print run of 400 for a monthly 24 page full-color action comic produced and shipped from my apartment. It changed my life.

Thanks to everybody who’s been on board and backed me up every step of the way. Here’s to ten more years and beyond.


COPRA Master Collection HC & Issue 43

COPRA Issue No. 43 is now available (new shirts, too)!

This issue features two distinct life-altering showdowns, the rumblings of a revolution, and an introduction of a new team of characters. It might even have a tender moment or two.
NEWS! The COPRA Master Collection: a Deluxe Oversized Hardcover will hit shelves November 16th. This beast collects our first 12 issues and is up for Pre-Order now.

Diamond Code: JUL220098

Tell your comic shops & bookstores, tell your friends & families, spread the word and let us all celebrate a decade of revenge comics.

Don’t forget COPRA Issue No. 43 — twenty-four pages of full-color, lovingly handcrafted super-powered mayhem. You could set your watch to it.

Art & Illustration

COPRA Subscriptions & Commissions 2022


Lock your COPRA subscription in now!

COPRA is kicking off the year with a new subscription that guarantees you the next four issues (#s 42, 43, 44, and 45 ) before they go out of print. This sub is perfect for both you and your friends, new readers and dedicated collectors, revenge enthusiasts and lovers of psychedelic bloodshed as we launch a new mega arc that paves the road to the big finale in issue 50.

Single copies of 42 are also available for a limited time!

Starting this February, every 24 page full-color limited edition issue of COPRA will be signed and shipped w/ bag & board. Printed on accent opaque stock with coated covers, no ads, no fluff, these limited edition comics were made to last.

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11 O’Clock Comics Episode 779 · 11 O’Closcars 2021

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My 2022 Commissions List is open! I’m taking art requests over on my Patreon page for a finite amount of time, so make sure you sign up for your favorite character to be drawn by yours truly.


COPRA International

COPRA has been translated in several countries, generally following the “Rounds” format of 6 issues per volume.

The following is a rundown of these international collections.


Released by Panini: Primo, Secondo, Terzo, Quarto, Quinto.


Fumetto Logica
Industrie Nerd

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Released by Pipoca & Nanquim: Um, Dois.



· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Released by Delirium: Volume 1 & 2.


Comic Stories
UniversComics: Le Mag’
Comics Discovery
Bubble BD
Comix Trip
Bruce Lit

Comic Stories
Univers Comics
Comics Blog
Bubble BD


Comic Stories

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Released by Inefable Tebeos: Compendio Uno (collecting #s 1-3).

Cabezas Cortadas
Zona Negativa
La Noche Americana
El Lector Bicefalo