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NYCC ’11 Report

NYCC was this weekend.

Yeah, it was busy, it was packed. I met some folks, caught up with others, good time overall.

This, however, is what I got out of it…

From a Legion Annual, this is one of the most beautiful Curt Swan panels ever.

Now these… these are from a coverless issue of Detective Comics.

This is insane, I love it.

Okay, now THIS comic…

… has these pages between its covers…

… for a dollar. That’s Kaluta, Toth, Kane, and Nino in a single issue, found floating around in a random box of basement fare. All of these comics, a buck each, sometimes fifty cents.

I should’ve schmoozed more, says you? No contest, this was way better.


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Sigh. You found the good stuff. I tried to reclaim my Simonson “X-men Teen Titans” crossover but nobody had it. Some dealers even asked me “What issue of that are you looking for?”
I just walked away. Get back to me when you have a clue about old comics Mr. “comics dealer.”
Curt did draw a nice panel there. It’s almost a Xaime hernandez.

Swan had a very sensitive line when he needed to. That issue of Adventure Comics is a real find. I got a bunch of cheap hardcovers. Though as I am a retard and can no longer remember what comics I already have, I bought a couple of duplicates.


Dude, you are mindmelding with me!

I have that Zaffino ‘Nam cover torn from the comic over my desk as well as the cover of the issue afterward.

I’ve always loved that Janson Superman cover and I have that torn from the comic.

That Adventure Comics issue – YES!!! In my quest to get copies of all that Toth and Nino 70s DC, that was one of the first issue I got. I ended up taking an X-Acto blade to it and carefully cutting pages of the Toth story and the Captain Fear story. And I’ve taken the tearsheets and started archiving them separately. My intention is to one day get them bound for a personal hardcover collection of 70’s DC Toth and Nino.

Speaking of Nino, stay on the lookout (if you already don’t have them) for Rima 1-5. Besides the absolutely gorgeous Nestor Redondo art, issue 1-5 have a ‘Space Voyagers’ backup by Nino in them. I almost hesitated carving those issues up, but I planned on doing a ‘Rima’ hardcover so what the heck?

Once again, I thought I was the only person who tore covers from comics. That’s nearly a sub-hobby of mine.



You can probably get that X-Men/Teen Titans for cheap in bargain bins. If you pay more than a dollar, you paid too much.

Tim, I thought the same thing about Jaime! Swan’s 50s & 60s stuff has a lot of great subtlety. His style, like Don Heck’s, never gelled with the spandex set. Ironic, but they were still fantastic artists. The game is rigged, Simon!

Adrian, I rip off covers, too, for the same reason. If an issue has an all-star line up (such as that the Adventure Comics issue), I’ll leave it alone. Needless to say, I have a lot of Nowlan’s Alpha Flight covers flying around.

And yeah, that’s the best Morbius I’ve ever seen.

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