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NYCC ’11 Report

NYCC was this weekend.

Yeah, it was busy, it was packed. I met some folks, caught up with others, good time overall.

This, however, is what I got out of it…

Retrospectives - Master Post

Jorge Zaffino

[Bookend images written by D.G. Chichester from Terror Inc. #4 & #3, respectively, ’92.]

I’ve been meaning to write about one of my new favorite cartoonists, Jorge Zaffino, for a while. The Argentinian artist started working in American comics in the late 80s and throughout the mid 90s. As a kid I only saw his work in comic book ads, being that my local bodega didn’t sell Punisher graphic novels or Epic Comics. I was reminded of his work when he contributed to the excellent Batman: Black & White anthology series [#2, July ’96], and I’ve been a fan since.

[Cover for Legends of the Dark Knight #179, July ’04.]