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Fan Art, Comics Alliance & More Sell Outs

First of all, how excellent is Tim Hamilton for employing his drawing skills for a couple of my Copra characters, Gracie and Dy Dy?

Tbone Gracie


S E L L – O U T 

Copra #5 is officially sold out! That means all I have left in the warehouse known as my studio are a few copies of #2 and the latest #6.

Rest assured; not only will the print run will go up starting with issue #7, but a second compendium is in the works. The first Compendium, collecting the first 3 issues, is still available through Bergen Street Comics Press.

I’m trying to make these books as accessible as I could, so if you’ve come around looking for Copra and found that some issues are missing, it shouldn’t be too long before they’re here.

C O M I C S      A  L  L I A N C E

In related news, I wanted to mention my recent interview with Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance. It was a great chance for me to ramble on about why I liked Russian prison fights when I was 9, but especially about Copra related stuff.

CA recently closed its doors, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how extremely supportive of my comics that site has been for a number of years. From running my art to featuring reviews and articles about Zegas, Deathzone!, and Copra, the Comics Alliance crew definitely introduced a slew of new readers to my comics. For that I will always be grateful. I wish them all the best.

I S S U E    S E V E N 

I’m about to start drawing it. That’s all I know, all that’s locked in my sights.

See you then.


Sometimes I Like Stuff

I would love to write about Breyfogle’s depiction of movement…

… but I’ve been writing less and less about comics recently, a slightly deliberate position mostly due to time spent making them. I’m left with very little time to work on that massive Tim Gula or Chris Wozniak retrospective that I’d write in a heartbeat.

I still do like looking at things – I’m only human – and so I’ve been slowly cataloging art and artists via my Tumblr.




That was Tim Hamilton, Klaus Janson, Alberto Breccia and Alex Niño… a few of the favorite pieces I’ve posted, and the perfect excuses to get back to work.

More writings and drawings soon!


Dear Friends Sometimes I Like Stuff

Let Me Hold You – Comics ’11 / BCGF Recap

There’s nothing like having a stack of comics that you really enjoy. Even visually, a handful of comics has unbeatable appeal to me. Not a stack of hardcovers or a window of bookmarked webcomics, but a bunch of physical issues varying in shape, size, and pedigree.

Since it’s the season for lists, here’s a rundown of my modest stack of off-the-beaten-path comics I’ve liked throughout 2011 (and some that were acquired mere days ago). All of them can easily be purchased from the artists themselves.

Note: First half of the list are the ones I’ve gotten throughout the year. Second half is from this past weekend’s BCGF.

Calamity of Challenge #127

Matthew Allison had me as a fan since his work on Covered. This comic mostly features material from his webcomic, but its solid presentation here makes it worth seeking out a copy. He’s recently been selling original art at beyond reasonable prices.

You Are Always On My Mind #1

Kat Roberts, who has also made her stamp on popular characters, handmade this comic with its cover treatment and sewn binding. I don’t want to give away the goodness of the main feature, but you can see a little bit more here.

Rubber Necker # 5

One of the best, Nick Bertozzi continues to serialize Drop Ceiling in the last one-man anthology standing. He’s been holding down that fort for a while, and I want to live to see it reach issue 100.

Space & Gravity

Sarah Crowe drew this great but too short of a comic. She told me she’s working on a longer collection of pieces (while working on other things), so that’s one more to look for in the next year.

Open Country #1

You can follow the million things that Michael DeForge is doing on his blog, and you won’t be let down by any of it. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but I was really into Open Country. I’m glad I found the follow up at this past weekend’s BCGF!

Kid Mafia #1

I got OC #2 from DeForge. He also had Kid Mafia, which is amazing for its own set of reasons. Nice to finally meet him, too.

[Everything by] Traditional Comics

If you’re not convinced about Benjamin Marra and what he does, go here. Actually skip it. There’s no hope for you if convincing is needed. Sometimes I treat his Night Business series as a light at the end of a tunnel. Don’t you?

I got tons of stuff at Marra’s table, including this new comic by Madeleine Bliss (read it here).

Scepter Gem Magic Universe Part 1

Brother Sasquatch Book One

Tim Hamilton has taken a select few passages from his online strip which is somewhat serialized at Cut Bleed. The guy can draw anything, and does. I can’t believe he makes one of these every morning in a dream state.

Regarding BCGF itself, I’m glad that I was able to stay a little longer than I anticipated (I’ve missed out before due to work). I was happy to finally have met Josh Simmons, Tom Spurgeon, and Adam McIlwee. Also got the latest Smoke Signal which is always welcome. Make sure to get your hands on a copy somehow (contact Desert Island) as it’s one of the finest collection of cartoonists around.

The next day I spent part of the afternoon going to a “place” where comics were unearthed, dusted off, and gleefully purchased. I went with the few people that never fail to reaffirm my hope in humanity and yeah, I got some more amazing things there.

Since the feeling of dancing between the bright/upcoming/homegrown and the obscure/processed/forgotten is a thrilling and pretty hilarious thing, I suspect that the experience will be well documented by the gentlemen I experienced it with. Look for it.


All About Process Comics I Make


A few days ago I posted about FALL of CTHULHU #8, a new BOOM! Studios comic that had the awesome Tim Hamilton and I share the art duties.

The way we worked was very simliar to the old school Marvel Comics style: Tim pencilled a rough layout of the given page (think Sal Buscema) and then it was handed over to me.

I then took it to lightbox and pencilled the basic nature of the layouts (think Jim Mooney). While staying faithful to the initial placement and flow of Tim’s layouts.

The final version is now available at any comic book retailer. Twenty-two pages of this creepy epic AND you get to pick between two (that’s right, TWO) covers isn’t a bad deal whatsoever.

All in all, it was a fast paced job that left little room for either one of us to shine, but a job is a job. In other words, as Steve Ditko recently wrote me, “Welcome to comics.”

Hope you all had a good holiday!

All About Process Comics I Make


Here is a sample page I worked on with the help of TIM HAMILTON. There was a possibility of Tim and I collaborating on the art chores for an issue of “FALL of CTHULHU” (published by BOOM! STUDIOS), but I had to furnish a sample before we signed on the dotted line. Tim was kind enough to let me ink this page of his:

As it turns out: we got the job!! Thanks, Tim! I heart you, 4 reelz.