Copra Compendium & Bergen Street Comics Press


Copra Press is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Bergen Street Comics Press to present the Copra Compendium! I couldn’t be more excited about combining forces with Brooklyn’s own Bergen Street Comics in this new publishing venture.

The Copra Compendium [BSC001] collects the first three issues of the new nearly sold out action series, 72 full color pages with a couple of new bits of extra art. It’s the perfect jumping on point and a good chunk of comics in one solid package. It will be making its official debut at this year’s MoCCA on April 6th & 7th, so make sure to visit Bergen Street Comics at Table F179 and Copra Press (Kat & myself) at Table F178.

Update: The Copra Compendium is now available for purchase directly from Bergen Street Comics Press!


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Will issue 3 receive an individual reprint as well? I shouldn’t have put that one off, heh.
But yes, this is great news! I’m looking forward to more publishing ventures by Copra Press. Keep up the great work.

Issue #3 won’t be receiving another print, as the compendium took care of the reprint issue. If you can, check in with the stores that carry the book; they may still have it in stock (I’ve listed them toward the bottom of this post.)

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