"ZEGAS" Los Press


My comic ZEGAS is being featured over at MTV GEEK! ZEGAS is the first in line of many other Act-i-vate comics to be showcased over there. Additionally, my art adorned the MTV GEEK site for these couple of weeks (art details shown above and below). Anyway, the comic looks really great and is easy to navigate (via Comixology). Forgive my naive geeking out over the fullscreen option, but the pages look nicer than I anticipated so I’m pretty taken with them.

MTV has split the ZEGAS story “Birthday” into three installments: One, Two, and Three.

Also of possible interest, read this accompanying interview I did which is full of laffs and yuk.

On top of all this, yet another ZEGAS story has been posted over at ARTHUR MAGAZINE! The story perfectly fits the “sidescreen” format and I really appreciate them having it aboard. I’ve been a longtime fan of the magazine, so this is a real treat for me!

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