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Goodbye, 2010, It Was Grand

Before I close out and lock up the 2010 Art File for good, I thought I’d post a few random odds and ends that never really found a specific home anywhere. Hopefully, they’ll now have a place to rest within your hearts.

I didn’t do to many X-mas cards this year, but I like this one the most.

“SEQUOYAH” is a work-in-progress. It’s written by Nick Bertozzi. We have tons of ideas for these characters. I can’t wait to draw more raccoons.

One of my favorite Spider-Man villains, the Vulture.

I never, ever pencil this tightly, but I wanted to see just how far I could take it. Part of me wants to ink and color it and make it look different, but… I can’t. I looks done to me. It was fun to do, though, especially Electro. How can you not love that mask?

Head sketches, somewhat. I’ll probably end up doing several stories with all of these styles.

I was thinking of making a 70,230 page comic with this character, but it then occurred to me that I’d have to draw him over and over.

This guy came from out of nowhere. Now I want to make up stories for him. Maybe not a 70,230 page one.

I drew a couple of old school Savage Dragon villains: Skullface and Hellrazor.

I don’t usually make new year resolutions, but this time I’m gonna promise myself to NOT feel like this:

Thanks, Raymond Pettibon, but that point of view has worn itself out for me during the last ten years, and your drawing has to come off my wall. I’m going step up to the light and bask in the warmth of tomorrow, and I’m going to like it.

Goodbye, 2010.

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Wowie. Sequoyah looks great! Love the color! Same for the tight pencils. Spidey’s fingers are very un-Fiffe like BTW. Pettibonvoyage!!!

Only about six hours left to go for 2010 and
this was a great start to the end to the year so far…

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