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C O P R A # 14


Copra #14 is here! That’s right – as in available at your usual Copra comics merchant; buy it!

I’m really excited about this issue, I have to admit. Ever notice how sometimes comic titles warn you that “this issue’s a little off-beat, a l’il different”? Well, that would be this one. Last thing I wanna do is spoil it for you, so I’ll just keep it short. Here are a few shots of the comic itself.



Here is one of the pages featuring Patrick ‘WIR” Dale and his hometown pals.



Here are some cool bits of Copra related arts:

A Man-Head custom toy…

Man-Head toy

… and a super cool Vincent drawing, both by Michael C. Kappeler!


And check out this bit of graffiti featuring old school nemesis Vitas by Satellite Mind!

Vitas Graffiti

I want to point out these wonderful reviews that Copra #13 received in the last month. I’m really appreciative that this title’s return has been well received, especially by these fine folks:

The Blackest of Suns – Omega Level – Nothing But Comics! – So Much Yelling

Here are a few short video clips I took while drawing the splash page for this new issue. Inking & holding a camera isn’t the most practical approach, so I kept it brief.

Oddly enough, the rest of the issue looks nothing like this. It’s very clean, meticulous, very… very — aw, you’ll see. So go SEE — Copra #14!

And I’ll see you here next month!


8 replies on “C O P R A # 14”

Hay, I was getting Copra right, but man was I off with your last name.
I was saying Fiffe like it rhymes with knife.
Can’t wait for the latest issue to arrive, I don’t know that I’ve ever been as excited for single issue of a comic in my 40-ish years of being a comic book fanatic!

Oh and just so that I know for review purposes, your 1st name; closer to Mike, Mic, or Mitch?

Are you going to put out the collected edition of 1-12?

I bought the first two Compendiums, but if a larger trade is coming out I feel like I might as well sell them.

At the moment, Mac, it seems like we’ll be releasing further compendiums to finish off the set. But yes, other formats/collections will also be released.

Thanks for the response man. Reading my original comment, it comes off a bit rude and terse, so I just want to say I love this comic (the six that I’ve read).

Sorry Michel, been very busy of late… Very GOOD issue!! You are still the shit in 2014 man!! I missed you at the Charlotte Heroes Con this year. Oh yeah, we need custom Copra action figures!!! If I only had the time to make them myself…..Oh well. Here’s wishing you the best and keep Copra rolling.


Thomas in North Carolina

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