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C O P R A # 13

Copra 13 Cover

COPRA is back! Issue thirteen is here and ready to go. I’ve been wanting to get to this issue for the longest time and I’m happy to finally get it out into the world!


Did I mention that half the print run comes with a free fold out poster?



There’s a  lot of COPRA news brewing. Collections are beyond the planning stages and are being made — physically made! Super exciting! I’ll drop the details as soon as I know them. Compendiums are gonna happen, too, the 4th one at the very least.


In case you’re stopping by for the first time, make sure to check out COPRA #1 – the very first issue posted in its entirety for your reading pleasure. Get acquainted, look around, tell your friends and check in every month for new issues.

One last time: COPRA #13it’s here.

3 replies on “C O P R A # 13”

This is the one comic I will unquestionably pay over $10 an issue for.
Brilliant move making issue #1 available for free online.
I was beyond frustrated trying to read the series after reading positive reviews and then having it advertised in Savage Dragon with only 2 of the last issues available.

Amazing work.
I plan to Cover your book on my show very soon.

Friday was a good day. New couches arrived, but earlier that morning I found out that my mailman is 1/2 Ninja. Copra #13 was chilling on my doorstep.

I appreciate how they were mailed out this time in a sturdier mailer and plastic wrapped.

Sweet fold-out poster. Maybe we’ll see character trading cards or some other awesome add-in in the future.

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