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Almost an Attempt

(Mix CD cover I did as part of a set.)

I’d like to eventually draw a comic like this. However, I feel as though I have to somehow earn that approach. I can’t just sit down and intentionally create comics such as this because I haven’t worked up to that approach, I haven’t naturally gotten to that point yet. Sure, I can skip ahead and just do it for fun, but it would feel slightly wrong. I’m not sure if this makes any sense at all, but it’s a sort of problem I see with cartooning in general. Certain bodies works are just a regurgitation of their obvious influences from the inking style right down to the narrative skeleton.

A few quick examples: appropriating Neal Adams’ style without having the decades of drawing experience leading up to that point (think any young mainstream artist from the 70s), the 90s era of mainstream artists taking a cue from Michael Golden (think Art Adams to most of the Image guys), or mining Chris Ware and Dan Clowes’ visual and thematic sensibility (think Adrian Tomine to most of the new indy generation).

I’d like to explore this further, this notion of “earning and building towards” an approach… especially in an age where there’s no time to earn or build, just DO. Anyway, I’d still like to do some sort of abstract thing one day.

Ah, abstraction… shades of Mark Badger… his work is currently hanging as part of a show at MoCCA in NYC. The Abstract Comics blog has more details. It looks like a packed show. I’d like to make it soon and enjoy all that original art while it’s there. I’d love to see some Mark Badger originals. For now, check out his web comic Carabella.

More webcomix coming up: Ty Templeton has recently launched his new weekly webcomic BUNTOONS. Check it out over at his site (along with a bunch of other posts featuring some great rare and unseen art of his).


While we’re casually on the topic of cartoonists I’ve interviewed, Marcos Martin has 3 fantastic illustrations in the recent “The Mystic Hands of Dr. Strange”. I hope Marvel continues to put out these black & white one shots. The stories may be hit or miss, but there’s variety and it has great potential to showcase many writers and artists.

Marcos was actually kind enough to grant my wish from my last post and produce this Eisner-esque cover for an upcoming Spider-Man Annual.


Alright… I gotta go, but I’ll leave you with a li’l doodle I did of high personal value. Abstract it ain’t.


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Abstract comics?
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