Ty Templeton is one of my favorite comic book creators ever. As an artist he has incredible technical skill and an inspired, clear line. As a writer he's just as witty and poignant as he is funny. Did I mention that he can letter beautifully? And color to boot? Let's not forget his editing and teaching comics. In effect, Ty Templeton is the perfect cartoonist. Although he's mostly worked on many hilarious stories and projects, funny is too basic a term to describe the scope of Templeton's work. I was fortunate enough to conduct a lenghty interview with Ty the Guy. Below, click on The Comics Journal link for the full interview, then check out a few of my personal favorite Templeton pieces, funny or not.
Interview with Ty Templeton
Read the 5-part interview over at The Comics Journal: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5
Extra Scans
Early Templeton work 'Cheap Thrills', Vortex #5, Sept. 1983.
'Geeks Hit the Streets', Vortex #9, May 1984.
Stig's promo ad, 1984.
Stig's Inferno promo ad featuring Kelvin ace, 1985.
'The Ol' Treasure Map Story', Critters #8 January 1987.
Stig's Inferno #7, March 1987.
A fan favorite, 'At the Bar' from Critters #11, April 1987.
Spot illustration in Critters #20, January 1988.
A spot illustration from Amazing Heroes #111, but drawn in 1985.
Secret Origins #37, February 1989, written, penciled, and lettered by Templeton inked by Anthony Van Bruggen.
Wraparound covers for the Who's Who Update '88 series, #4.
Justice League International profile appeared in Who's Who Update '88 #2.
Justice League International #20, December 1988.
'Midsnap', from Justice League International #27, written by J.M. DeMatteis & inked by Rubenstein/Giordano, June 1989.
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special 1990.
Secret Origins #50, August 1990.
Two one page stories from True North #2, 1991.
'The Trainer' from Mad Dog #4, Sept. 1993.
Moon Knight pin-up.
'Joker�s Late-Night Lunacy' from Batman Adventures #3, Dec. 1992, writer, Kelley Puckett - inker, Rick Burchett.
Flash cover.
'A Fisch Story', written by George Hagenauer in the Big Book of Little Criminals, 1996.
'Present Tense', from DCU Holiday Bash # 2, 1998.
'Fair Trade', from Flinch #4, Sept. 1999.
World's Funnest, 2000. Written by Evan Dorkin.
Bigg Time, 2002.
'What Happened to Your Parents?' from American Splendor #1, Nov. 06, writer, Harvey Pekar, published by Vertigo/DC.
In closing, below is a 4 page autobiographical story, 'FANS', which originally appeared in Amazing Heroes #200, April 1992.
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