Copra #4 is here, ready and waiting for you! I’m really glad to see this one make it to my doorstep, completely ignoring the snowstorm we had recently. Not only that, but we finally get to see our Copra gang together, working in tandem to solve their problems more efficiently, the way friends are meant to be.

Great news! More stores are carrying Copra, so check them out if they’re in your area: Copacetic (Pittsburgh), Locust Moon (Philadelphia), Orbital (UK) and Nobrow (UK).

Copra #4. It is here. HERE.



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Welcome to the …party!! Book #4 is an introduction of the Copra team of sorts. All readers of the book should know the back story…. The team is on the run for what’s looks like a destruction of a town (Benny’s town). I’ll stop there (NO SPOILERS here!!) and let the rest of you fan-folk pickup the first three issues. CATCH UP ALREADY. But Copra #4 is a birds-eye view into the interpersonal relationships already developed within the group. It’s the dialogue between the team members during their gathering as fugitives in Castillo’s’ home that make this comic worth having.
Michel Fiffe is at his best in this issue. Kind of reminds me of an old Mission: Impossible TV series (the apartment scene), except with a bunch of wacked out professional hit squad. Again, no spoilers here, but let’s just say the pulse rate is increasing page-by-page. Do yourself a favor and purchase to whole series, there’s nothing like it! Run and order now!!

Questions to think about;
1. Was Vistas once apart of an old copra mission team?
2. Castillo? What’s his history with sonia?
3. Vincent and sonia college friends?
4. What’s going on with benny/man-head?

Thanks for the glowing endorsement, Thomas! I would answer your questions, but they’ll be *mostly* answered in the very next issue. Wait a few more weeks; you won’t be let down.

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