Back To Press: Copra Links, Reprints & Sell Outs!

I’ve sold out of Copra #1! Don’t worry, newcomers, I have a reprint underway. Second printing of #1 should be at my doorstep in a matter of a couple of weeks. I’ll re-list it and make a huge stink.

Thanks to Chris Sims, the Comics Alliance’s Holiday Gift Guide featured the Copra subscription. The CA staff has by and large been supportive, so this nod is really appreciated.

Over at Comic Book Resources, Ryan Ingram interviewed me about my superhero influences and my work habits.

Finally, and on the fringes of the world of Copra, Terrence Stasse has been writing several insightful breakdowns of my comics over at Dirty Fractals.

That’s it for this week, or until I have some Copra #3 action happening. Have a happy holiday, folks, I’ll be seeing you soon.


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Hey Michel, I was wondering when your Copra books will be back on sale. Just read a friends copy of #5 and it was great, would like to read more. Thanks, Jason Mattesini

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