C O P R A # 2

COPRA #2 is here and it’s ready to go! This time around, the cast grows, the plot thickens, and the action continues (catch up with #1 if you haven’t already). But before you check out the preview pages below, a few things:

Overseas Readers! I’m closing in on getting some COPRA comics in some London shops. It may ultimately be a quarterly affair but whatever happens, you’ll be the first to know!

Reviews and Links! This has been an awesome and supportive month for COPRA. Reader response has been nothing short of flattering, and it’s been gathering some amazing reviews from Comics AllianceThe Comics JournalThe Chemical BoxComics Book Resources, and Comics Bulletin.

Conventions! I’ll have a table at the Locust Moon Festival this upcoming Sunday December 16th in Philadelphia. For details & directions, visit their blog or their FB page.

Enough yapping. Here are some pages…

There you have it! Second issue’s here and I’m just warming up. COPRA continues to be a 24 page, full color monthly comic, so stay tuned. I have tons more characters, stories and choreographed mayhem to employ. See you in thirty.



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I got my copy last night in the mail after work. And I have it with me today to read on my lunch break! However, a quick flip-through showed that you really are stepping your game up, sir. Man….!

This is looking awesome, brother. I’d like to get some copies of these and future issues. I’ll hit you up about the particulars. What are you using to color the book? Good luck.

Thank, Eraklis. I use a few things to color: color pencils, watercolor, and some digital.

I hope it lived up, Adrain!

[…] COPRA # 1 by Michel Fiffe. This was a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t heard of Fiffe before I saw it promoted by Floating World Comics. It reminds me a bit of Graham’s Prophet in that it’s an indie artists’ take on super hero comics of the past. I haven’t read the second issue yet but plan to pick it up soon. There’s a preview of issue 1 here and issue 2 here. […]

Thanks, Miguel. Acrobats on a string over a city? Yeah, that’s one Miller staple I had to channel.

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