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DAREDEVIL: Guilty Pleasure


“Guilty Pleasure” is a Daredevil story I wrote, drew, and colored for Secret Wars: Secret Love #1 and it’s here!

It’s out right this very second at your local comics store (or digitally.) Look for this cover by David Nakayama!


Daredevil & Karen Page created by Stan Lee & Bill Everett.

Typhoid Mary created by Ann Nocenti & John Romita Jr.

Mephisto created by Stan Lee & John Buscema (redesigned by JRJR).

Punisher created by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru John Romita Sr.


Daredevil was the first Marvel comic I collected with regularity, feverishly hunting for back issues and anxiously awaiting next month’s episode. I’ve drawn Daredevil several times since, sometimes even for try-out pages.


Typhoid Mary’s another story. She’s only graced my drawing board a couple of times.

Typhoid & Co.

Rogues’ gallery sketch, 2010: Wild Boys, Typhoid Mary, Bushwacker, Bullet, Ammo.

DD.Bergen.2Daredevil #1 sketch variant for Bergen Street Comics, 2011.

Regardless, I was ready to make my very own  love letter to the series that briefly had a stoic DD running around in bandages.

DDesk shot

Which speaks to my story’s backdrop: INFERNO aka that time when demons took over Manhattan and Matt Murdock was caught up in its insanity while dealing with his own drama (issues 262, 263 & 265 are hands down the best. Cap it off with 266). Nocenti wrote funny, insightful and exciting stories here, and JRJR matched her intensity with a visual flair that has remained strong since the days of its publication. This is classic stuff, electrifying material that has clearly stayed with me.

Of course I was going to tap into this brief but potent corner of Hell’s Kitchen. Getting to work on these characters has been a thrill of a lifetime (as some could probably tell when I started shooting my mouth off) so go out and get this here issue. Plenty of other cool stories in there, too — Secret Wars: Secret Love #1!

DD cast


“Michel Fiffe is finally unleashed on the Marvel Universe.” – Comicosity

“An absorbing and clever narrative of persistent, romantic angst.” – PopMatters

“Fiffe brings his kinetic vibe that he’s perfected.” – Graphic Policy

“Reminds us how fun comics can be.” – Pop Culture Uncovered

“Overwhelming and intoxicating.” – Wait, What?

“Fiffe never loses his own voice, filling the pages with his own idiosyncratic manner.” – Nothing But Comics

“Daredevil has a little more character than he’s usually drawn with.” – Women Write About Comics

“Captures the insanity of the demonically-possessed New York City.” – Deadshirt

“Tightly told story, most remarkable for Fiffe’s art.” – Comic Book Resources / Robot 6

 “The art for this story is vivid and loose… it fits the narrative perfectly.” – Comixology

“Fiffe’s artwork evokes a ‘70s-style noir comic, providing a great background for a Daredevil story.” – Newsarama

“This one in particular stood out.” – Smash Pages

“A delight to read.” – Bleeding Cool

“An excellent exploration of the relationship between Matt Murdock & Karen Page.” – Sound On Sight



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DD layouts C.NEWW

DD pencil pg 4 FIFFE


DD Color pg 4

Art & Illustration Sometimes I Like Stuff

I Still Believe (Daredevil #260)

I recently did this drawing for Bergen Street Comics, my very own Daredevil cover on one of the blank “sketch” covers. I noticed that the back portion was available, so I designed it vertically, knowing that what I wanted to draw wouldn’t necessarily work if the comic was one/half displayed.

You may ask, “Well, how come you didn’t have him striking a pose mid-jump through a couple of water towers or fighting a cluster of ninjas?”, and you may very well have a point. Although I’ve seen those classic scenarios done to death, I still like them just as much as you do. However, no version of Daredevil is as close to my heart as Ann Nocenti’s version.