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COPRA · Conclusion of The Ochizon Saga

Our multi-part arc, The Ochizon Saga, comes to a close in the latest couple of COPRA issues, 40 & 41. They’re available through our usual channels (Etsy & your Local Comics Shop). Tons of previews & process posts can be found in my Patreon page, too.



“Nurture Apparatus”

I know what you’re wondering: Who survived and who didn’t make the cut? Did Copra unify or splinter off? How does one square bittersweet reminiscence while marching lockstep towards a future unknown? All these answers and more within the conclusion to the Ochizon Saga.



“Boss Rush”

COPRA has been warped, degraded, and left to die in the city that used to be Minceville. Now, what if the enemy is not only a family of cosmic butchers, but your own teammates out to get you? Just lash out in every direction and see what happens. Simple!

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