Copra Press Returns



“Minceville, USA”

The world is not what it seems anymore – carnage and chaos, tension and treachery, a landscape literally warped beyond comprehension. Is this the paradise that the super elite channeled from beyond? COPRA is the only thing standing between angry gods and the nightmare fuel they want to douse us in.



“Loyalty in the Face of Vast Disrespect”

Larger than life forces toying with the fate of the little people with reckless abandon – sounds familiar! Will COPRA’s big plan pay off in victory OR will it send our team spiraling into further doom? One thing is for sure: our crew will look fabulous either way.

Copra Press is back with COPRA #s 38 & 39! I’ve returned to self-publishing the single COPRA issues (and to the legacy numbering, picking up right where our last release left off) while Image Comics continues to publish the collections & digital.

Those two new issues quickly sold out, but don’t let that stop you from going to my online store for possible extra copies and trades. Also, check out the COPRA FAQ for a list of Local Comic Shops that carry new issues COPRA just in case.

Is Michel Fiffe’s COPRA Leaving Image Comics?

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