C O P R A # 19 and the year that was


COPRA #19 is here and it’s ready to kick off the latest story arc which features a new pack of weirdo assassins and impending doomsday! I know you missed them, so the Copra crew is back — but not before they have to go up against ASESINOS. Here’s a preview:




Also in this issue, a Copra story serialized on the back covers of this arc, written & painted by none other than the mighty DIETER VDO! If you don’t know his work, fix that problem right this second; it is amazing, all of it. I am honored to have him draw some bizarro brutality for Copra.


For those subscribers who put in their orders within the first few days, they’ll be getting a VITAS print, hand stamped from this carved out husk:

VITAS carved

I have to thank those who have stuck by the book since day one, but I also commend those who tried out the series by ordering the first collection, ROUND ONE, published by Bergen Street Comics Press. Coming soon’s the follow up, ROUND TWO. Please keep your eyes peeled for that!

This past year has been amazing in terms of new readers hopping on board, especially with the series making a few “Best Of” lists this past year:

B E S T   O F  2 0 1 4

A.V. Club

Entertainment Weekly

Comic Book

This Is Infamous

Journeys In Darkness and Light


Panel Patter

Comiks Debris


Floating World (store)

The Newest Rant

Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 



The COPRA issues have made it to a few more stores than last year, too. I appreciate these fine establishments’ interest in stocking these comics, so make sure to support them!

Bergen St. Comics (Brooklyn, NY)

Floating World (Portland, OR)

Zanadu Comics (Seattle WA)

Chicago Comics (Chicago, IL)

Big Planet Comics (Washington, DC)

Mission: Comics & Art (San Francisco CA)

Bridge City Comics (Portland, OR)

Locust Moon Comics (Philadelphia, PA)

Third Eye Comics (Annapolis, MA)

Collectors Corner (Baltimore, MD)

Velocity Comics (Richmond, VA)

Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY)

Escape Pod Comics (Huntington, NY)

Copacetic Comics (Pittsburgh, PA)

Beguiling Books & Art (Toronto, Ontario, CAN)

Strange Adventures (Halifax, Nova Scotia , CAN)

Orbital Comics (London, UK)

There’s also been a bunch of great COPRA fan art, something which I am always in awe of (below, Raymond Salvador):

FAN ART Raymond Salvador

Here’s a Gracie piece by Jaimie C. Filer. I can’t get enough of these!

Gracie by Filer

So here it is – 2015. I’m ready to attack the New Year with new issues and new adventures. Full steam ahead – I’m very excited to get these stories out to you, page by page, month by month. Check in and check it out, starting with a great jumping on point: COPRA #19!

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