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Copra #13 is coming soon, making its official debut at NYC’s MoCCA this April 5th & 6th. In the meantime,  I’m offering a 6 issue subscription (issues #13 – #18) over at our Etsy store.
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NOTE: There are only 100 subscription slots; first come first serve. Domestic orders only. – [The Beguiling and Halifax’s Strange Adventures (Canada) as well as GOSH and Orbital Comics / Impossible Books (UK) carry Copra.]

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Oh no, I (and I’m guessing quite a few other readers) missed out on this. Will we be able to purchase the issues individually at your Etsy store as they’re released–assuming we get there within a few days of the announcement of their availability? Or is this going to be a case of all copies being spoken for before they can even be put up for general sale? How high a print run are we talking about? I do understand that interest in the series has grown exponentially and may well now outstrip what your hands-on method of producing and distributing the comic can handle.

I only ask this as a reader who doesn’t live near one of the few comic shops or conventions where the series is available, but who would be more than happy to continue purchasing this excellent comic, if that will be possible on a month-to-month basis.

Are you trying to alienate your fans? A 100 slots?? That’s it!? Will you at least have a way, for those of us who failed to be one of the hundred to purchase a subscription, to purchase each issue?
What the fuck.

Matthew, I’m not only printing 100 copies, if that’s what you’re worried about. Sure, the print run is low (as much as I can afford to print), but I try to make Copra as available in print as possible. I’m not trying to exclude anyone.

The subscription slots are limited because there is literally one person running things: me. It’s about all I have time to handle. If you would’ve carefully read my most recent newsletter update, I made it clear that the issues will still be available as usual (the subs being a preemptive strike to the wave of oncoming orders). I appreciate your enthusiasm, but keep in mind there is a person stuffing these envelopes for readers.

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