C O P R A # 1

COPRA #1 is finally here and on sale!

This is my latest project, a new series featuring a slew of new characters I’ve written, drawn & published. COPRA is a 24 page, full color action comic – numbered and limited to 400 copies – that will be serialized monthly. That’s right, every month you’ll have a new issue of COPRA waiting for you.

Let’s see, how to best describe what COPRA actually is… Well, for starters, it’s the unholy marriage between my Zegas¬†style and my Suicide Squad love letter Deathzone!¬†

Or you can click on the individual pages and see for yourself:

I am beyond excited for this. It’s a massive undertaking and so far it’s been nothing but a blast.

COPRA is making its official debut at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this Saturday (table U36) , but you can still order it directly from me.

Pick it up and let me know what you think, then I’ll see you right back here next month!


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This might be a silly question, but are any shops in the UK taking the initiative and getting a bunch to sell? It would make it easier for me than paying transatlantic shipping costs every month.

Not silly at all, Martin. I’m actually trying to arrange something where all of my readers overseas can get COPRA from one particular store in the UK. I will have details as soon as they’re nailed down.

Just got this in the mail today. F-ing great. Can’t wait for number two. Keep up the good work.

Looks sweet! I just ordered it two days ago but saw that the shipping price for Sweden has doubled since then – I feel kinda bad knowing you probably paid that difference out of your own pocket. $6.00 shipping for every issue will be a bit much though, hopefully you get the UK store distrubution going and I can pick it up regularly since I’m there about once a month.

Hi, Jakob. International rates are pretty high, and I try to keep them as low as possible. The difference this time was more than I expected, though, but I totally understand your concern. I’m working on making quarterly shipments to a store in the UK at the moment. That should prove to be way easier for everyone involved. Will keep you posted.

I just finished reading COPRA and I loved it! Absolutely buying every issue of this! I saw that has done some coverage of your work, specifically Chris Sims. Have they asked you to do an interview with them or anything?

I’ve got a few interview type things cooking, John. I’ll post links to them as soon as they come up. And yeah, Sims & Co. at CA are pretty awesome with their support of the book.

The b&w character with the triangle head is such an awesome design! I ordered both COPRA and ZEGAS #1 this weekend. I’ll be waiting up for these to arrive. Great work, Michel.

This past weekend Brandon Graham wrote on his Twitter feed: “Comics making no money is always my argument for why they should just be a lot more fun & batshit crazy than they are. No risk risks.”

Bring on the madness!

Thanks, Javier! I hope you like them. Hard to argue with Graham’s quote when some of my favorite comics are batshit crazy.

And Adrian! Issue Two is fast approaching. You’ll be the first to know, sir!

Is there a chance to get a 5 in 1 package one day? Cause the oversea shipping for every issue will be hard on limits. I am from Germany. Greets

I think that’s possible, but there is a risk of any given issue selling out. Still waiting to hear back from from a comics outlet in London… that way you can order it from them if anything.

man, i really want these as physical copies but i think shipping to the UK is going to be a killer one by one. i see by the comments you’re trying to wangle a UK shop deal, but are there any plans to buy digital versions as pdf/cbz or whatever?

No digital plans at the moment, but yeah, a larger UK shipment is still in the works, maybe in 2 different shops hopefully. Will keep you posted on that.

The second issue ROCKED!! Can’t wait for the 3rd and the 2nd printing of number 1!! Michel , you have got me feeling that old comic feeling circa 1987-1988, but on better paper! Great work my friend. Keep on doing it!!

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