Last year I began the process of interviewing comics legend Trevor Von Eeden. This July, the interview will finally come to light! I’ll post a note closer to the date, but be on the look out for The Comics Journal #298 featuring the “brutally honest” interview.


I stumbled upon the pic above and the links below at the Fantagraphics Flickr profile (which has tons of other great stuff), so imagine my surprise in seeing the piece come to to life, so to speak, previously existing in my head as a pile of handwritten notes and a Word document for the past year.

The close up and the video (at 00:46).

On top of all that, I recently received 2 pieces of Art from 2 fellow LJers for my birthday! The first is from cooltrash It’s probably the best portrait of me ever (I’m usually reduced to a ball of stubble… not far off from the truth but still…). Anyway, it’s the cover for a mix CD (I’m a mix tape & CD nerd) which is quite good.

… and from calling_alice who does tons of other cool art, displayed throughout the profile. Below is the old school Dagger from “Cloak & Dagger”. These are awesome, guys!


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  1. Is such a sweetie! And, I didn’t know she liked Cloak & Dagger! Very cool! XD

  2. In her own words: “I’ve decided to go with her classic look, and yes I realize that the ring is around her left eye but when I got finished drawing it I realized you would hardly see the ring so I decided to put it on the right. I wanted to draw it, so… :-p.”

  3. Good post!

    I’m gonna read the crap out of that interview.

  4. I haven’t read the Comics Journal in many a year, but I will eagerly track down that issue. Between the two of you, and it being a “brutally honest,” fuck yes I am THERE, pally.

  5. LOL! Awesome! 😉 The ring is trademark 😛

  6. Also, by total coincidence, the day before you posted this I went to a comic shop filled with back issues and found a copy of BATMAN ANNUAL # 8. Wow, his work there was even more awesome than I remembered from the bits you posted. Will any of that be discussed in the interview?

  7. I hope you enjoy the crap out of it, seriously.

  8. Oh, man… I LOVE that Batman Annual. Yeah, he discusses that era in detail. They’re not joking when they describe the interview as brutal.

    I like comic shops with back issues prior to 1991. They’re becoming a rare breed.