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Jager Head

I was asked to draw up potential costume designs for a “Jagermeister Monk/Angel” at my day job at the costume/puppet shop. I was very excited to contribute to the mythology of the number one choice of drink of frat creeps and date rapists. Hey, I get it… it’s sweet and tasty and served cold. Yay. It’s like licorice but worse. You drink it when you have nothing else left, but even then…

Anyway, the folks at Jagermeister Headquarters green lit my design and off we went! I built the elk head interior and the other studio hands draped it. We had to do four of them total and we did them in record time (a week). We also did cloaks, paddles…

Ok, Ok… so those aren’t the greatest antlers up there, but I had 15 minutes to drum it up. They eventually wanted to go more “dark” rather than “angelic”, so I made a second drawing. This time I cast a janitor, a struggling actor, and a hippie to stir the “ice cauldron” and I used the actual Jager logo for the design. Neat, huh?

Below is a picture of me wearing a mock up of the elk head made out of cheap foam. I eventually used better, sturdier foam for the final head as well as the antlers. The axes are also “mock ups” for a completely different project. I think it had to do with elves on stilts juggling these things.

Here’s the final axe. That sunset was real, too. I like my job OK sometimes.

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Yeah, I kinda have to remind myself that from time to time.

And no, we didn’t get a complimentary case of Jager for our services. We had to buy our own booze afterward. Can you believe that?? Ah, joy.

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