“Guilty Pleasure” is a Daredevil story I wrote, drew, and colored for Secret Wars: Secret Love #1.

Published by Marvel Entertainment, August 2015. Available at your local comics store or digitally.

Lettered by Clayton CowlesCover by David Nakayama.


Daredevil & Karen Page created by Stan Lee & Bill Everett.

Typhoid Mary created by Ann Nocenti & John Romita Jr.

Mephisto created by Stan Lee & John Buscema (redesigned by JRJR).

Punisher created by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru John Romita Sr.


Daredevil was the first Marvel comic I collected with regularity, feverishly hunting for back issues and anxiously awaiting next month’s episode. I’ve drawn Daredevil several times since, sometimes even for try-out pages.


Typhoid Mary’s another story. She’s only graced my drawing board a couple of times.

Typhoid & Co.

Rogues’ gallery sketch, 2010: Wild Boys, Typhoid Mary, Bushwacker, Bullet, Ammo.

DD.Bergen.2Daredevil #1 sketch variant for Bergen Street Comics, 2011.

Regardless, I was more than ready to make my very own  love letter to the series that briefly had a stoic DD running around in bandages.

DDesk shot

Which speaks to my story’s backdrop: INFERNO aka that time when demons took over Manhattan and Matt Murdock was caught up in its insanity while dealing with his own drama (issues 262, 263 & 265 are hands down the best. Cap it off with 266). Nocenti wrote funny, insightful and exciting stories here, and JRJR matched her intensity with a visual flair that has remained strong since the days of its publication. This is classic stuff, electrifying material that has clearly stayed with me. Of course I was going to tap into this brief but potent corner of Hell’s Kitchen. Getting to work on these characters has been a thrill of a lifetime (as some could probably tell when I started shooting my mouth off) so go out and get this here issue. Secret Wars: Secret Love #1!



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DD cast


“Michel Fiffe is finally unleashed on the Marvel Universe.” – Comicosity

“An absorbing and clever narrative of persistent, romantic angst.” – PopMatters

“Fiffe brings his kinetic vibe that he’s perfected.” – Graphic Policy

“Reminds us how fun comics can be.” – Pop Culture Uncovered

“Overwhelming and intoxicating.” – Wait, What?

“Fiffe never loses his own voice, filling the pages with his own idiosyncratic manner.” – Nothing But Comics

“Daredevil has a little more character than he’s usually drawn with.” – Women Write About Comics

“Captures the insanity of the demonically-possessed New York City.” – Deadshirt

“Tightly told story, most remarkable for Fiffe’s art.” – Comic Book Resources / Robot 6

 “The art for this story is vivid and loose… it fits the narrative perfectly.” – Comixology

“Fiffe’s artwork evokes a ‘70s-style noir comic, providing a great background for a Daredevil story.” – Newsarama

“This one in particular stood out.” – Smash Pages

“A delight to read.” – Bleeding Cool

“An excellent exploration of the relationship between Matt Murdock & Karen Page.” – Sound On Sight



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DD layouts C.NEWW

DD pencil pg 4 FIFFE


DD Color pg 4

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Dude, I absolutely agree: this run, especially their inferno issues, put Nocenti, JRJR, and AW at the top of all comics for me. 265 is so killer. Love it to bits. So glad you did this tribute

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