C O P R A #18

Copra #18 has arrived! it’s the Xenia issue, the magic issue, the losing your grip on reality which is inconvenient for everybody because of your godlike powers issue.

It’s also the issue that brings this arc to a close. I’ve been focusing on key members of Copra issue by issue, and this Xenia story winds it all down while also setting up the next arc.

Cover 18 A





That was a small sampler of my favorite issue yet. And while I’m taking a hiatus between 6 issue story arcs, I can’t wait to jump back on and get into the reformed Copra team’s new adventures.

Xenia Bullet

We’ll be back before you realize we were gone, but NOW – right this very second – get on board with Copra #18!

Oh, yeah, here’s this issue’s raw deal.


 R E V I E W S

Comics Bulletin

Nothing But Comics

Nowhere / No Formats

The Blackest of Suns part 1, part 2

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