C O P R A # 3

The third issue of Copra just showed up on my doorstep and is ready to go without a minute to spare! You can buy it here! It’s available in the Copra Round One collection!

Continuing where the adventure left off, we meet some new characters who finally complete the Copra line-up to be reckoned with, as well as the next step in their on-the-run scramble. Bullets! Parades! Dimensional portals! Demolished bodegas! Colors! Ink lines! What more could you possibly want out of a comic?


The Comics Journal

Comics Bulletin

Warrior 27

Some of you have asked about a collected edition or about digital distribution. Those are distant concerns, faint possibilities that may or may not happen. I’m concentrating on putting these issues out on time, having them retain the quality I’ve set for them, and making each hard copy as special as possible. That much I am certain of.

Copra #3 is sold out, but it was reprinted in the Copra Compendium [BSC001], which collects the first three issues of the new nearly sold out action series. It’s 76 full color pages with a couple of new bits of extra art… the perfect jumping on point and a good chunk of comics in one solid package. It made its official debut at MoCCA 2013, and it is now available through Bergen Street Comics Press (then follow it up with the second Compendium, collecting issues 4 – 6).


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