Giant-Size Hernandez Bros. 1

This Hernandez Bros. post originally appeared on the now defunct scans_daily site, September 2008. It was the first time I had scanned a bunch of images from my own comics in order to share with folks I thought might be interested. I wasn’t thinking about the archive aspect of it, nor did it occur to me to write anything about it… but I ended up becoming mildly obsessed with doing both. This was around the time I became interested in interviewing cartoonists, and soon I was ¬†immersed in documenting and posting about several comic book artists.

In the first of what I dubbed “Master Posts”, this Hernandez Brothers overview covers Jaime and Gilbert (and some Mario) sans my own text. I foolishly didn’t back up my writing back then, so when the scans_daily site went kaput, so did every post I created. The art files I did save, being the important thing here after all, but you may have to do a little digging to find the source of these examples.

(Check out Anything Goes!, Different Beat Comics, and old spot illustrations for The Comics Journal, but most of these can be found in the out of print Love and Rockets Sketchbook Vol. 1… or in this recent mini Fanatagraphics is giving away!)

So I’m presenting these obscurities again in order to celebrate the work of some of the greatest cartoonists of our time. It wasn’t enough, really; I threw together a second batch, notes intact. Enjoy.