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COPRA Subscription 2015

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COPRA SUBSCRIPTIONS 2015 are now live and on sale! The subscription guarantees you a copy of every COPRA issue before they’re long gone.

COPRA 2015 solo.A

This is a 6 issue subscription for COPRA #s 19 – 24, which will be mailed out in January. Shipping costs are usually as low as possible, but all subscribers will save a few extra dollars on top of that. International orders welcome!

COPRA 2015 solo.B

Every subscription order that is placed from now, Friday Nov. 28th, to Monday Dec. 1st will receive a free, handmade screen print of our man VITAS — roughly 5 x 6, I gotta cut it up first! Supplies are limited, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. It’ll be made specifically for those who subscribe within this weekend sale.

COPRA 2015 solo.C

This next batch will reunite the team, get back to the hunt, tie up some loose ends, usher in new crews, and complicate things for our friends in COPRA. It’ll be six intense issues. COPRA will also run a back up feature by one of my favorite cartoonists (more on that soon!) — what else can I say? It’s going to be killer.

Also on sale for the holiday weekend: original comic book pages and all the ZEGAS & COPRA comics you’ll need. Some issue are mighty close to being sold out, by the way. Don’t miss out on the raw material for “COPRA Round Three“!

Thanks for a great year, gang! Your support and enthusiasm never fails to get me pumped for more comics making. This next year is gonna be even better with new stories & characters, awesome surprises and crazy projects all on the horizon.

See you next year — and happy holidays!

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Hi, Martin. The 4th compendium isn’t likely to come out, unfortunately. The printing rate doubled, throwing the entire budget out the window — it simply isn’t affordable. Instead, Bergen Street Press has decided to move forward and concentrate on the “Rounds” instead. I hope this does’t throw too big a monkey wrench into strict compendium collectors, but we’re treating the new “Rounds” as the set-in-stone format that won’t be changing anytime soon.

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