COPRA Round Two


 C O M I C S !

COPRA Round Two will be released January 2015 and will be available for PRE-ORDER really soon!

C O N V E N T I O N !

Next Saturday November 8th I’ll be at Comic Arts Brooklyn. I will have tons of comics on hand: COPRA Round OneCOPRA issues, and the complete ZEGAS set of comics. Get them all there at TABLE D27.

I N T E R V I E W S !

Check out the Comics Therapy podcast to listen to me ramble from the couch. Oh, yeah, and on CBR, as well!

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Ive got compendium 1 and 2. I read that compendiums got cost prohibitive. Before I run out and try to track down a sold out #3… What issues will round 2 cover? What IS the “round” concept?

Round Two collects issue #s 7 – 12 (which is basically Compendium 3 and the hypothetical Compendium 4 combined).

We’ll keep the Rounds as 6 issue chunks.

so its the end of january 2015, and i dont see a Copra round 2 release? I love round one and I need my fix Mr. Fiffe. Dont leave me hanging…

Mason! Dave! Okay, so the actual, physical book should be here in a matter of days (we’ve all been anxiously awaiting its delivery!) — but please keep checking in with Bergen Street Comics Press here, as they’ll let you know when it can be ordered ASAP. Thank for your patience, guys. It’s gonna be worth it.

I appreciate the reply. Now I will be stalking BSC daily, salivating at the prospect of this book being in my hands; the thought of the paper on my fingertips, it’s almost palpable.

Thank you Mr. Fiffe

And it can be ordered!

Will be picking my copy of Round One tomorrow at my LCS and order the second one 😉


ARGH! BSC is already out of stock! LAME!! Their twitter said Diamond orders just came in on Mar 9, does that mean there will be more available??

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