COPRA Order Form


Think you’re gonna get the urge to go a comic shop anytime soon? Does that store like to order directly from Diamond? They might even be interested in ordering COPRA: ROUND ONE — and you can make it easier on them. Just print this Retailer Order Form (above) at home and take it to them.  

Here’s a higher-quality PDF: 



3 replies on “COPRA Order Form”

I live un Spain, so I usually buy my comics from amazon or bookdepository. Can I buy Copra from one of those?

Not at the moment, no. But if you have a local comic store, let them know that it’s in Diamond.

You can also just order directly from Bergen Street. ALl the info is here.

Although it’s usually cheaper to order from Amazon (and thus, from BookDep), ordering from a local comic store might be cheaper than ordering through Bergen Street. That’s what I did 😀

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