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COPRA Round Two Order Form


Round Two

In case you find yourself in a comic shop anytime soon, tell your merchant about COPRA Round Two! DIAMOND CODE: FEB151088


“In case you find yourself…” As if you’ll just wake up and find yourself in a comic store out of nowhere. No, we want you to make it out to your shop and tell them about COPRA Round Two. Print that black & white form out (below, last one pictured) and give it to them, even! Or just call them up if it’s too cold where you live. Call them up and bug them – remind them. Constantly. Well, just once, really. Otherwise, they might get annoyed. We don’t want that. Support your local comic shop. Order COPRA Round Two today!

Photos by Adam Pruett

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Fiffe Ultimates Crew

This is it! The end of the line. The final issue of the All-New Ultimates 12 part series hits the stands today!

Before I get deep into it, thank you all for supporting this book.  Please check out this full list of everyone who worked on the book (with additional art)!

The creator credits for all the characters we used are another monster altogether.

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COPRA Subscription 2015

SUB 15

COPRA SUBSCRIPTIONS 2015 are now live and on sale! The subscription guarantees you a copy of every COPRA issue before they’re long gone.

COPRA 2015 solo.A

This is a 6 issue subscription for COPRA #s 19 – 24, which will be mailed out in January. Shipping costs are usually as low as possible, but all subscribers will save a few extra dollars on top of that. International orders welcome!

COPRA 2015 solo.B

Every subscription order that is placed from now, Friday Nov. 28th, to Monday Dec. 1st will receive a free, handmade screen print of our man VITAS — roughly 5 x 6, I gotta cut it up first! Supplies are limited, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. It’ll be made specifically for those who subscribe within this weekend sale.

COPRA 2015 solo.C

This next batch will reunite the team, get back to the hunt, tie up some loose ends, usher in new crews, and complicate things for our friends in COPRA. It’ll be six intense issues. COPRA will also run a back up feature by one of my favorite cartoonists (more on that soon!) — what else can I say? It’s going to be killer.

Also on sale for the holiday weekend: original comic book pages and all the ZEGAS & COPRA comics you’ll need. Some issue are mighty close to being sold out, by the way. Don’t miss out on the raw material for “COPRA Round Three“!

Thanks for a great year, gang! Your support and enthusiasm never fails to get me pumped for more comics making. This next year is gonna be even better with new stories & characters, awesome surprises and crazy projects all on the horizon.

See you next year — and happy holidays!

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COPRA: More Personal Files

Copra Bullet Montage

After last year’s first 12 issues of Copra, I dedicated the subsequent issues to some team members. Thirteen to Eighteen, six comics. You can find them all here, so get them now while supplies last! I’ve always wanted to say that.

But no, really… if those first 12 are any indication, these comics will remain out of pint until Round Three (and that may be a while). Here’s a handy rundown list, accompanied by little heads.



Don’t delay. Operators are standing by.

Okay, I’ll stop.


"ZEGAS" Comics I Make

ZEGAS Returns!

ZEGAS is back in print and available again! This is the title that started my self-publishing operation, Copra Press, and set the path for subsequent projects (Deathzone! & Copra). I’m still very proud of these comics and I couldn’t let them remain out of print much longer.


If you’ve never read ZEGAS before, here’s your chance to catch up on all three issues: the ZEGAS PACK. If you’ve managed to get an issue here or an issue there, you can also pick and choose which one you need individually: Issues ONE, TWO, or ZERO!



The print run is still super limited, so get them now while they last!


EXTRA: My contribution to Zainab Akhtar’s Comics Shelfie is up, over at her Comics & Cola blog.

Fiffe Shelfie 0. Main

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C O P R A # 18

Copra #18 has arrived! it’s the Xenia issue, the magic issue, the losing your grip on reality which is inconvenient for everybody because of your godlike powers issue.

It’s also the issue that brings this arc to a close. I’ve been focusing on key members of Copra issue by issue, and this Xenia story winds it all down while also setting up the next arc.

Cover 18 A





That was a small sampler of my favorite issue yet. And while I’m taking a hiatus between 6 issue story arcs, I can’t wait to jump back on and get into the reformed Copra team’s new adventures.

Xenia Bullet

We’ll be back before you realize we were gone, but NOW – right this very second – get on board with Copra #18!


P.S. Zegas is back as well! More on that soon…



"COPRA" Comics I Make

C O P R A # 17


I can safely say that COPRA #17 has it all: love & violence, impending doom & cushy nostalgia, blood drips & beards, blockheads & weirdos, struggles & triumphs, lunchtime & pushups:





Locked within a tight grid of pan dimensional deviance and suppression, this is a boiling point love letter to Steve Ditko. And like any unrequited love worth a damn, it’s an affair that ends in heartbreak and confusion. Well, you gotta read it to see what I mean.  Do not let me stop you: GET COPRA SEVENTEEN.


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Captain Victory & the Galactic Rangers

I drew some pages in Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #2 – in stores September 2014!

CV.bullet TRI

This is a new take on a Jack Kirby creation, published by Dynamite Entertainment, spearheaded & conceived by Joe Casey, and drawn by Nathan Fox and a slew of cartoonists, myself included, and colored by Brad Simpson.



Adam McGovern interviewed me for the Jack Kirby Collector #63 about my involvement in the project.

Joe Casey has a couple of interviews himself on the subject, full of awesome preview pages. He even went down the roll call!


It was a pleasure to be part of this great project, to work with people I like and respect, and to get a chance to directly honor the King of Comics.



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C O P R A # 16


Copra #16 exists — it is HERE! Who does it feature? This preview might give you a clue.





I’ll admit that this was one of the most difficult issues to produce. I basically knew what the story was, what the dialogue lines and general staging would be, but… I didn’t really know until I started to actually work on it. It was very odd. The process probably didn’t help: I wanted to invoke a little bit of Jack Kirby in this chapter (being that Guthie is based on one of his creations). I’ve been running on a Kirby influence in a spontaneous, gut level, get-it-done kind of way, but this time I wanted to try it a little differently.

I’ve  heard of Jack drawing a page by starting at the top left hand corner and continuing down to the lower right hand corner until the page was complete. The drawing sounded like it was more stream of consciousness and less obviously calculated. The planning was all in Jack’s head.

So in the spirit of that anecdote, I decided to forego any layouts whatsoever. I also didn’t break up the stages into workload batches the way I usually do. This meant that I woke up with two blank pages staring at me, equipped with only a vague notion of what I wanted to do. By the end of the day, my aim was to have two complete pages, fully colored and ready to scan.

Wake up, coffee, write, lay out, podcast, pencil, lunch, ink, coffee, walk dog, more ink, more podcasts, dinner, question life choices, stretch legs, more ink, color, pass out, repeat next day.

Sometimes I nailed it, sometimes I was too wiped out to even erase a page. This issue kicked my ass, but I’m really happy with the results. You’ll like it.

And of course, it’s about Guthie, whom last we saw crashing and falling through a window in some far off world. Looks like she survived and when you read the issue, you’ll know how.

So anyway, this thing exists. Bless Bergen Street Comics for furnishing the proof.

Round One

It will made available sometime in August/September. I will write all release dates and order codes with blood clouds in the sky and then you will know. You will finally know.

Baltimore Comic-Con is the show I’ll be attending September 5th-7th, but we got a while before that happens. I still gotta put out another issue.

But now, issue sixteen is waiting snugly in its unopened box for you to order it. I will personally package it and ship it to you with nothing but love and respect and eternal gratitude. GET ON IT.

"COPRA" Comics I Make

C O P R A # 15


COPRA #15 is now real and alive. I hope you didn’t get too comfortable with last issue’s southern comfort; Gracie’s turn to shine couldn’t be more different than Patrick’s. This issue has everything you want from a Miami story which means yes, someone wears a guayabera.

Here’s a taste:






 There’s still a chance of getting issue thirteen and issue fourteen in case you skipped out on the last couple of issues. Catch up with what Grantland describes as “one part Ostrander Suicide Squad tribute, one part forward-facing bizarro beat-’em-up, and all parts startling DIY achievement.”

Before you go, set your gaze on this amazing & timely Gracie piece by Giannis Milonogiannis.


Not only that, but we’re going to be collaborating really soon!

Oh, & check these Lloyd drawings! This one’s by Jaimie Filer (more of his art here) – –

jaimie filer

– – and the other by Javier Hernandez (check out his art & comics here).


So let’s  prep for the summer – you bring the sunblock, I’ll bring this super breezy, easy going issue of Copra.