COPRA #6 release date: June 3, 2020
(original release date: April 1, 2020)

Order Code: FEB200172



“The Ochizon Saga” is upon us — the showdown that has been forever hanging over our crew is finally here. Included in this double-length issue, the world of COPRA expands with the bonus, out-of-print rarity “Negativeland,” presented here in full.

Major Spoilers

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COPRA #6 was printed, but with the distributor shutting its doors down (and all Local Comic Stores closing/readjusting their business procedures due to the Covid-19 Pandemic) its fate remained up in the air for a couple of months. Same went for the May release of my Dark Horse graphic novel Panorama. I’ll continue to update this page with any news regarding the availability of these projects and how this seismic shift will affect the comics industry itself. Stay safe, everybody.


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