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Love & Rockets New Stories #3 – Best Comic Ever


Tucker Stone and I recently discussed Love & Rockets: New Stories #3 at length, especially why the Jaime Hernandez portion is not only his finest effort to date, but it sets a new standard for comics. It’s definitely a storytelling milestone, but why rant about it here when you can read it over at The Factual Opinion. It’s always a pleasure speaking to Tucker (who has been known for liking comics), so it was especially great to discuss a comic we both deemed amazing.

Fair warning: our breakdown contains spoilers, so be sure to buy, borrow, or steal a copy of L&R New Stories #3 before reading our inspired discussion.

Tucker writes for Savage Critics, his column for comiXology is This Ship Is Totally Sinking, and his videos are Advanced Common Sense. Trust me, these are all worth your time. His own site, The Factual Opinion, remains true to the name, especially the factual part.

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