A big time fashion designer (who will remain anonymous… sorry, it’s a contractual thing) commissioned me to make “mock ups” for a potential shoe line. I thought it was a joke until the first check came in! Luckily she loved what I came up with and is flying me to Miami for some sort of meeting next week (details later). Most importantly, though: what do YOU guys think??
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  1. Sweet! Didn’t you do something like this before, for a friend?

    PS I’ll be sending you a revised draft of that thing in the next couple’a days.

  2. I think, “Oh fuck, look who thinks he’s Tommy funking Hillfigure!”

    No seriously they look kind of cool! Wow. Tell us the story!

  3. its a cool place to put your art – I like the conversational feel it has too. Good luck for it all, I hope it goes well!

  4. I’m thinking…

    If those were my size (12), I’d shell out to own them.

    I can tell they aren’t though.

    Still awesome Michel. Get a shoe line going, make them becomes exclusives!

  5. Don Kendall, those are soooooooooooooo Miami. i love em.

    if the line goes through, i’m gonna need a pair to wear around the house in my kimono.

  6. Freshables!

  7. hyou know how i feel. i love these

  8. That’s awesome!
    I love the shoes, well done.

  9. amazing

  10. You’re going to be big and I want to buy something of yours before your stuff is too expensive! Seriously. Do you ever sell your frames from your comic or anything else along those lines?

  11. Yeah, I made a pair for an old friend, but she unfortunately NEVER wears them.

    Got the script.

  12. You’re so kind with the words.

  13. Thanks!! I’ll need it!

  14. … but you’re the wife. Shouldn’t you be barefoot?

  15. The bongdiggity bops is totallly on the rizzy wow, fer sure.

  16. I’m saving you a pair.

    PS How is you?

  17. Really? You dig ’em?? Thanks!!

  18. Dear flatterer

    Let’s see… I’m not really ready to start selling original comic art. I alway do stuff for people, though (for a price, gift, favor, etc). My stuff too expensive? I wouldn’t worry about that. What did you have in mind?

  19. Thanks!

  20. I would want my shoe line to be available at Hot Topic, Target, C Town, Rite Aid and maybe even Virgin… but I think it’ll be the models in Tribeca that get to have first pick. We’ll see.

    Hm, pink isn’t your color, though.

  21. Where were you when it meant something to me. Seriously, I have mentored you, fed you, trained you and you can’t even make it to celebrate with you. What kind of friend are you to me?

  22. you are?! i’m so so. been stressed, things not going my way etc. i’m glad to see that at least someone’s being productive. how have you been?

  23. Any word on the sweet kicks yet?

  24. I’m learning that these things take FOREVER. In the meantime, shirts won’t be too far behind.

    Maybe comix one day!

  25. sakfjhalsdjfaks