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COPRA #25, the Double Size Anniversary Issue, is finally here! 

This marks three years of Copra-making, that’s a big deal to me. Three years of trying to get these issues out month by month (albeit with a couple of breaks between 6-issue arcs this past year) — that’s a lot of face time at the board. For someone who is hyper-critical of his own work, it’s odd for me to be happy with the total results of such an endeavor (definitely in a more abstract sense; I cannot look at old pages, no way). I wouldn’t dedicate my life to this if it didn’t fulfill me this much, so it’s definitely a labor of love. Issue 25 isn’t just another comic, it’s a celebration of the mania that keeps it all going.


About the comic itself, it’s a flashback issue, a glimpse into the mission that turned it all around for our crew. It features some old favorites, Vitas and Man-head in particular, as well as some newer faces. It’s a perfect jumping on point, actually, even if you’ve never read Copra, since you can read Copra #1 pretty much right after this issue.

Copra #25 Preview





In addition to the 32 page feature, I had a host of cartoonists contribute to this issue, starting off with Tim Hamilton


… followed by pin-ups from Chuck Forsman, Kat Roberts, Jeffrey BrownSloane LeongPaul Maybury, and Matthew Allison


… and capped off with a short story by Benjamin Marra!

Marra 25


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I can’t help but be really excited for 2016. I have tons of Copra plans brewing — twists & turns in the ongoing series, a spin-off mini-series, going digital, and more!

Don’t forget COPRA #25! Make sure to check it out, get a copy for yourself and one for that friend of yours whose been wanting the best modern superhero comic in the world.

That friend wants Copra.

–Michel Fiffe

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  1. Hey Michel,

    I can’t wait for this issue!! And the return of Copra 2016 and the spinoff!! Merry Christmas to you and Kat. All the best in 2016.