C O P R A # 7


So this is what happened: a bunch of boxes were waiting for me this morning, boxes full of Copra #7, and now I have no choice but to get them out to you. COPRA #7 is waiting for you!

I really appreciate your interest in this comic

You’ve made it this far… six issues of carnage, fisticuffs and shoot ’em ups. Our first arc is behind us but the story is far from over. This time around we take a chance to find out a little more about our Copra guys and gals. The story’s called “Personal Files” and it’s… well, I hate to describe it as quiet because someone gets shot, someone gets burned, and someone is violently choked (as opposed to gently choked). You get the idea: the title says it all.

Here’s a new bullet:

Gracie Bullet

An aside: take a gander at these awesome versions of Vitas and Man-Head by Dieter Van Der Ougstraete! Too good, Dieter VDO is! His latest, Big Pink, has unfortunately sold out but please contact him directly and see if you can get any of his work, be it prints, comics, or t-shirts.


So now that every member of Copra has been patched up and some have even swallowed their survivor’s guilt, the crew is ready to finish out their objectives in the next issue. Grant them this brief respite because it’s only going to get worse.

But why harp on the negative, huh? Kick off the summer with Copra #7 and I’ll see you back here in July.


Your support means everything to me

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  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this until now. Any word on reprinting the early issues?

  2. Bergen Street Comics is releasing TWO compendiums really soon (about another week or so?) which respectively collect issues 1-3 and 4-6. You can reach them here and let them know you’re interested.

    Then you can start picking up the individual issues directly from me.

    Thanks for checking in!

  3. Nice! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been reading so much great things about this…and it looks like it was made for me! Keep up the great work!