Copra 6 Cover

Copra #6 is now available! This is the second part of our Tokyo adventure, the brutal climax to the crew’s main mission: stop Vitas. Call it a boiling point, call it endgame, call it a reason for me to draw a lot of broken glass, but this concludes the first Copra story arc with a bang.





Things don’t stop there. I have plenty of stories lined up, characters to introduce and established ones to explore: more comics in 24 page color bursts every month or so. For now, I’m very happy with the way this first arc turned out and I can only hope you feel the same.

Quick reminder: be sure to get the Copra Compendium (released by Bergen Street Comics Press); it collects the first 3, out of print issues.

Now back to the boards. See you in May.



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Hi, John. The aim is to get those issues reprinted, yeah. I’m not sure about the specifics just yet, but I’ll let it be known as soon as I do.

“but this concludes the first Copra story arc with a bang.” And BANG YOU DID!! Enuff ….
said. Keep us posted on the return (Copra #7). All the best wishes to you Michel.

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